samedi, mai 10, 2008


"We will never accept to be disarmed until Israel is eliminated", "the government is unconstitutional", "you know nothing". These were some of the few words I heard during my call with Al Manar TV Station of Hezbollah.
Months ago, the Lebanese opposition declared that the 14th of March movement is arming its militia and training them inside and outside Lebanon. However, the reality of the current situation shows which movement was ready to use force as quickly as it can and which one is taking control of Beirut. Do not tell me that I am wrong, otherwise you are blind!
Hezbollah militia used the general strike on Tuesday to take by force power in Lebanon. This is not only because of political issues with the majority, but also in order to delay and postpone the International Tribune of Rafic Hariri and the investigation ove the different serial assassinations in Lebanon.
Armed soldiers of Hezbollah obliged Future TV, belonging to Harri family, to shut down its transmission. "They were not from Hezbollah", declared the guy with whom I talked. But I do not blieve him because the pictures which were broadcasted every where have shown another story totally different.
Today, we discovered Hezbollah's true face. It is not ready to accept the opposite point of view, it is not ready to any compromises and will never cooperate.
I cannot understand how can a portion of people have its own telecommunications network and cam on the airport! If the State and its sovereingty was absent before, does it mean that we shall keep the same statut quo?!!!!