mardi, mai 30, 2006


The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan is celebrating its 6oth Independence Day.
On this occasion, I am presenting my deep congratulations to the Jordanian Royal Family & to The Jordanian people.
Jordan is knowing, although the lack of natural ressources such as gas, promotion and modernisation in all fields such as economic, social, fighting illiteracy, poverty, terrorism and establishing Democracy.
The Jordanian state, since the late King Hussein and until now with His Majesty the King Abdullah II, is taking a pillar part in the Middle East Peace Process. A step that I am qualifying of courageous one.

lundi, mai 29, 2006


The current issue in Tunisia now is cncerning the future's advocacy institute. After negotiations and a back and forth between the State and the Tunisian Bar, the institute, which mission is to improve the Tunisian's lawyers skills, will see the sun next school year. But still problems to talk about. As I am working like a legal advisor and I will be a future lawyer, enshallah, here some guidlines to help you, readers.

It was said that the lawyers (about 4000, in the whole Tunisia) or some of them, are disliking the fact that the number of the lawyers is increasing in Tunisia, however the fields allowed to the lawyers to act in are too narrow. In fact, those lawyers are disliking the entrance of some lawyers without taking the national exma, which means, people like me, because we are students of Master.
So, they were screaming to unify the entrance to the advocacy by creating an institute.
Nevertheless, the bachelors (students with B.A), will be obligated to take a national exam to enter the institute to study for three years more and the students of master will enter automatically, but both will study in the institute.
I am not concerned because the law will be applicable after four years from now.


with regard the lawyers' demands, specially the Bar, the Tunisian authorities reacted.
The first step was taken by His Excellency the President Ben Ali. He took a decision to enlarge the fields where lawyers can act onbehalf of their clients. His decision was well-welcomed, but as we are TUNISIANs, so we'd like more: the institute.
One time more, the state starts negotiations with the bar and with some lawyers.
But they reached a deadlock, because the State is liking to supervise the institute, which will be presided by a lawyer, however the bar is liking to manage the institute solely and to fund it from foreign contribution. Can you imagine? A national institute will be funded by foreing contributors who may be against Tunisia or unknown to us. May I have confidence in such institute?
More, if the institute will be managed by the Bar, who can trust the Law & politics' students of their entrance to the institute? Experience shew us that the bar is controlling when to open or not the national examination for the advocacy entrance (CAPA), now they will be monopolling the institute.
I SAY NO. Although the State's gap, I prefer the State to manage the institute because the State is more secure that private.
I say to the Bar, it is time to re-study their policy. I know that they are not sharing me my ideology, I am not, either.

It is said that some file are pending like health security cover for the lawyers, but I still determined that the best way is negotiation with the authorities, because Tunisia is for all.
The topic in Tunisia now is the general congress of the Tunisian League for Human Rights (LTDH).
I do not know the real fact but I am sure that no side is telling the truth. Some are wanting to take the management, other are wanting to keep it. What I am against, is when some are using that to harm Tunisia outside through worldwide media. I did not tell that we live in pradise in Tunisia, but also we have realized a lot of projects and good things. Our duty is to keep our gains.
Many famous people from the opposition are telling, sorry to say, misleading statements. It said that there is no freedom of speech in Tunisia! Let me telling you a story. In the university where I studied, we had a course about freedom, human rights, etc.. The professor is an opposition figure. He was all the time against the tunisian authorities. One day, I rose my hands so he allowed me to talk. I asked him, if he is denying freedom in Tunisia,how was he able to give such course without being censured by the authorities or having problems? I remember his reaction. He became so nervous, shouting in the auditorium, and my friends later , had told me later that during the oral examination, that I did not take because I got my average in his course, if they did not share him his ideas, as he doesnot believe in religion and he is a communist, they did not get good mark. So I am querring the Tunisian oppostion figures, if you are calling for freedom of expression and thoughts, why YOU, you do not accept the opposite view?

jeudi, mai 25, 2006


"Quand mon père nous a quitté;
je n'ai pas vu maman pleurer;
mais elle avait dans le regard;
ce matin là comme le brouyard;
et dans mon coeur il a neigé;
quand papa nous a quitté"

My father is fighting the cancer.
Yesterday night I heard the above song. It was so touching.
I am trying o keep strong, specially in front of my father, mother, sisiter, brothers and friends, as I used to be. In fact my friends are calling me "the blue blooded", in reference to the Bitish and the Royal Family. they are saying that am very hard and severe, but that is not correct. Deeply inside I am so sensitive.
Many nights I cried in my bed where no body could see or hear me, and I am sure that my mother is doing the same. She is a magnificant mom.

mercredi, mai 24, 2006


I am going to start writting my dissertation (memoire), but I have found it very difficult, because of the first word to start with. What will be that word? It is not easy to find.
One of my friends suggested to start with "D'abord" (initially, at first, first...) ;)
My memoire is of course in English :)
May God help me and help all those like me.


Have you ever heard about the human trafficking?
It is an unhuman treatment of dreamers. Girls and boys dreaming of being superstars and top models in the world of fashion in Europe, the United States or in Asia. Many companies and agencies covering such dirty activities, are stealing the dreams of such guys. Making casting meetings throughout different cities in order to choose the future's Top Models, these agencies, in fact, are choosing the future's pornographic actors, whores and gays.
Arriving to their destination with a dream of being reach and famous, the victims are deprived from their passports and emprisonned in whorehouses.
Those people are forced to make sex with clients.
Moreover, some human traffickors are using gangs in different countries such in India, the Phillipinnes, Thailand and Vietnam either to kidnapp girls and boys aged of six years old and more or sometimes even to buy them from their families, very poor families.
I cannot maitain that such dirty and unhuman thing can happen and that many people, specially tourists, are looking for such thing.
Can you imagine the situation of the victims? Kidnapped? Stolen? Threatning them and trying to harm their families if they try to run away or to contact authorities?!
can you try to think what would be the future of a girl aged of 6, if she wasn't kidnapped? What would be her life itenerary if she stood with her family and friends, sudying and playing?
Such stories are giving me the desire to throw up.

lundi, mai 22, 2006


These are my visions. Because of time, I was unable to write them, so I scanned the documents.



dimanche, mai 21, 2006


What if my family have told me about my father's sickness before?
I would be warnned and I would push him to continue his treatment.
What if my father has continued his treatment? He would save all of us from the resent pain.
What if..what if..what if.. just what if, now we are living the situation.


I believe in peace between the Arabs and the Israelies, whatever the circumstances are. But what is happening from both sides and especially from the Israeli one, makes me ashamed and with no comments over the facts in the region. When my friends ask me to give them my prospective over the peace process in the ME, I cannot answer them, because I know that the Israelies ae making things harder and harder, but we also, the Arabs, we are not angels!
I was about giving up, but after thinking and thinking, I have decided to continue the battle. PEACE NOW!

samedi, mai 13, 2006


I have read a foreign article talking about foreign investments in Tunisia. Due to security, safety, continuing economic growing-up in order of 5.5% per year, opening, closeness to Europe, the Arab world and Africa, make Tunisia a destination to Arabs & International businessmen and multinational companies to invest in Tunisia. Until 2005, Tunisia recorded investments with a sum of 900 million of dollars. Such sum is expecting to be of more than one billion of dollars by the end of 206 or the begining of 2007.


I love India.
Last Friday evening I was watching an Indian movie in company of my sister. As you know the Indian movies are so emotional. In fact I couldn't keep my tears. The movie's scenario was about a father and his unique son. A rich father, owner of a big factory of toys and his son who was a crazy of being an actor and with no aim to carry out the business of his father. The relation between both of them was that of more than a parental relation, they were like close friends. When the son married from a rich girl and a daughter of a family friend, she became pregnant and she gave birth to a hire just hours before that that father died. He died of cancer and the whole story was about how that father was trying to keep in secret his sickness of lug cancer on his son, in order not to "bother" his feelings and not to be an obstacle in fulfilling his dream of being a movie star.
An emotional story that remembered me of my father who was in the room next to us, fighting the cancer. My father and my mother who tried two years ago to keep in secret what my father's was fighting in order not to "bother" my work and my studies, but they forgot that I am a part of a family. Two years ago, if I had known what my father was fighting, I would pushed him to continue the "chemiotherapy " that he refused to continue it and we were able at that time to save what we are living now. But unfortunately, this is a will of God. The only problem is that my father is from the medical field and he knows his situation!
Pic. above: with Nimish Bhatt family, India.


La princesse a finallement choisi son prince. La final de la coupe de Tunisie de football, remise en présence du Chef de l'Etat, son Excellence le président Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, à l'honneur de l'EST. LE CA merci pour la final w'enshallah el marra jeya.
NB: JE SUIS NEUTRE, mais mabrouk pour le gagnant.

mercredi, mai 10, 2006


I think that this article will help you to understand a part of my life.
I was born more than 25 years now. I was the first child to be born in my Mother's family. Why I am talking about my mother's family? It is because we were living next to them. I have lived there until 1999 (age: 20 years). When I was a child, they told me that I was preferring to saty at my garndpa home becuase I found there my oncles who were by the time very young (they are 5), so I liked there noise ;)
When my parents left Tunisia, I stayed with my garnd parents, especially that I was studying. So I was sseing my parents, my sister and my brothers for just two months and two weeks yearly for more than 12 years.
When my parents decided to be established in Tunisia, I got my baccalaureate and I moved to Tunis, so I met with them just in the weekends or the holidays, and this since 1999. In the last two years, I could see them just in the weekends even during the holidays because I am working and continuing my Master thesis.
That's why there is a distance between me and them. We do not talk so often. They are saying that they have a confidence in my choices, so never did they discuss with me my studies or work or future.
Now, with my father sickness, I am finding a problem to express my feelings, too.
I have lived alone, with no familymate or friends, I used to be a little bit "rigid", like the ex-soviets ;) but deep inside I am very weak.
All what I am focusing on now, is how to help my father & my family. Your comments, ideas and messages are of big comfort to me. Thanks a lot to share me this terrible moments and I hope that none of you nor of your families will know similar experience.

dimanche, mai 07, 2006


My Father picture

My father is fighting the cancer which is located on his kidney. Doctors have decided to remove it, but unfortunately my father is becoming more & more slim and weak. He has to be well feeded in order to be able to be operated. I do not like to loose my faith in God and my optimism, but at the same time I can not stand my family situation and I ca not keep watching my mother and my little brothers.
I am preparing my self to the worst of events, although I am looking with an eye of hope on the future.

samedi, mai 06, 2006


British royal PRINCE HARRY has launched a charity in memory of his late mother DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES, which aims to help children orphaned by AIDS. Inspired by Diana's charitable legacy, the young prince co-founded the organisation with Lesotho royal PRINCE SEEISO and has named the charity Sentebale, which translates to "don't forget me". The 21-year-old says, "I am committed for the rest of my life." Prince Seeiso's mother QUEEN MAMOHATO was also a devoted charity campaigner before her 2003 death and Prince Harry hopes his common interest with the African royal will make them an unstoppable global force. He adds, "Sentebale is a way that both I and Prince Seeiso can relate to our mothers who were both in sort of the same jobs working with orphaned children. "Both our mothers were hugely connected with AIDS, especially the orphaned children. As I said last year, I wanted to carry on as best I could what she started."

mardi, mai 02, 2006


San Francisco City Hall
Student Leaders & Civic Responsibilities * United states Department of State

I am involved in Politics, volunteerism as well as in the cultural life especially in my Towns Utique & Bizerta. I am studying in one of the most prestigious universities,I am working as a Legal Adviser in one of the most famous Law Office in Tunisia,I am fighting wars, terrorism, hate and I am calling for peace, tolerance and brotherhood, but when I observe what my friends are doing especially those who are abroad, I become ashamed. It seems that I am nothing.
I have to accelerate my woks in order to change things. I want taking part in improving the human beings life conditions, not to be remarkable, just to leave ly own stamp.
I am proud of my friends and I want that they keep their pride of me as well. I love them & may God Protect them. Believe me they are some of the best individuals of our Arab World and if they will one day reach the power.. our world will be changed..