mercredi, août 31, 2005


Today, August 31st, 2005, exactly there is eight years ago since the tragic death of Lady Diana, princess of Wales in a car crash in Paris. Born in Sandringham, a royal estate from a known aristocratic family, living with her father after the divorce of her mother, 3rd in line after two girls and before the birth of the unique Spencer's boy, studying in England then in Switzerland, she was not brave. Backing to england and living in a flat in London shared with her friends, she worked as baby sitter. She was chosen by Prince Charles to be the futur Queen. Married in 1981, she gave birth to two sons, futur kings of UK. Problems were seen. Her marriage was crowd because of the presence of Camilla, Charles's mistress. She disliked divorcing and living as her parents, she tried to solve her wedding, but in vail. Divorced in 1996. She started her own life and business. She was too loved by the international community and the public. knowing a lot of men, Dodi Al Fayed seemed to be her true love. But the finish was tragical. May God Bless Her Soul.
8 ans dejà dès le décé tragique de la Princesse Diana, ce 31 aout à paris. Issue d'une famille britannique aristocrate. Etudiante en Angleterre, puis en suisse, elle ait de retour à Londres ou elle partagée un appartement avec ces amies et travaillant comme baby sitter. Choisit par le Prince Charles pour etre sa futur femme et future reine. Marriée en 1981, puis donnant naissance à ces deux fils, futurs rois du Royaume-Uni. Elle a eu des problemes sentimentales ainsi que saniataire, le divorce du coulpe royale été déclaré en 1996 alors qu'elle a éssayée de l'éviter pour ne pas vivre la meme experience que ces parents divorcés. Elle a connue un grand succé international due à son humanisme et les causes qu'elle a battu pour ou contre. Connaissant beaoucoup de mecs, elle a cru avoir trouver son vrai amour, Dodi Al Fayed. Mais leur fin était trop tragique. Que Dieu Bénisse Leurs Ames.

mardi, août 30, 2005


"Everyone needs to feel valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back."

Diana, Princess of Wales


Born on July 1st and died on August 31st. it seems like that she lived just for two months. Two months full of avtivities, love, compassion, humanity and hate. Lady Diana, Princess Of Wales. The most photographed woman in the world, still have an influence on her fans. In the last weeks, some secret agents from MI5 and MI6, British secret services, said that the princess was killed by mistake. Thay wanted to make her fear, to fright her in order to separate between her and Dodi Al Fayed and specially to let her to abort the baby by whom she is pregnant, if that information was true. Her children, Prince William and Prince Harry, asked us to forget Princess Diana and to stop talking about her. I reply. This is not your business. We love her and we will continue in doing that until the truth of her death.
Née le 1er juillet et décédée le 31 aout. On dirait qu'elle a vécu 2 mois pleins d'amour, de compassion, d'humanisme, et d'haine. La princess Diana, la femme la plus fotographiée du monde, continue d'influencer et d'inspirer ceux qui l'admirent. Des agents des sercices secrets britanniques ont avoués le fait de désirer separer entre Diana et Dodi Al Fayed sans les tués. Ces deux fils, Prince William et Prince Harry, nous ont demandés d'oublier leur mere. Ma réponse: Non. A jamais.

samedi, août 27, 2005


In the next few days will begin the celebrations of the death of Lady Diana, Princess Of Wales. 8 years ago, now. Many people are asking why do I love her? I answered. Because of a lot of things. Because of her life story, her style, her lovely and kind smile, her beauty, her humanity and her compassion. I was on the edge to know her, even to meet her when she dies. Never will I forget that day of August 30th, 1997. During that period I knew that she was spending her holiday in the mediterraneran with Dodi Al Fayed and she was planning to go back to England. In the morning I met my cousin in the street. He stopped me and said: " The Queen Diana, has died". I froze. Then I asked: "Queen..Diana..who dies? The Queen Elizabeth II or Princess Diana?". He added:" I do not know. The woman that you love. Go and ask my father. He knew" And he dissappear in the street. I runned to meet my oncle.
I found him watching the tv set showing ther news and the crash of the car. Dear Yamen..Lady Diana, Princess Of Wales..has died. It was like an earthquack. I called the British Ambassador Residence in La Marsa and I found his wife Mrs. Genevieve Edis. She comforted me a lot. We talked about Shy Di, the British Royal Family and about tyhe sadness, the sorrow and the shock over that death. The next day, I went to the British Embassy in Tunis ( At that time it was in Bab B'har, before moving to Les Bergers du Lac) where I was very well welcomed from the Embassy's staff. His Excellency the British Ambassador, the late Mr. Richard Edis ( Who died because of cancer, 2 years ago now) knew that I am coming. I put a flower, I wrote some words & I stayed for a few moment in silence. Another message, then a call with Mr. Mohammed Al Fayed to express my angry, sorrow, mourning and sadness. It was a terrible period. Saturday September 6th, 1997. It was the funeral of the Princess. Millions of people were in the streets of London and others were alongside the route from London to Althorp where the Princess's soul rests in peace. I made a promise that my Love and my respect to Diana are eternal & I am keeping my words.

jeudi, août 25, 2005

samedi, août 20, 2005


In less than a month 3 airline accidents costed the life of more than 33o passengers. This make me fear about travelling by air. I have a plan to make a short visit to the USA, but now I am thinking about cancelling it. The journey from Paris, London or Geneva, to Washington lasts at least 8 hours. I think about my friend, who will go to Nantes this sunday, too. When we were with him at a pub, we ( We and our friends) told him that in sunday we will follow the news. Any breaking news about an airline company problem, will let us starting in thinking about him.
In 1997, when I took a boeing 747, it was just weeks after a Saudi B-747 crashed in India killing the whole passengers and crew members & during the take off of the plane, I started in crying telling the hostess: " I do not like to die"!. I said this because before our departure, we faced problems with one engine. A black fume covered the plane. WHO SAID THAT TRAVELLING BY AIR IS VERY SECURED?


Today, Saturday August 20th, 2005; Spain gives tribute to the 17 soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan. " Died when accomplished a honourable mission to serve peace, democratiy and freedom", said the spanish archbishop. In the presence of His Majesty the King Juan Carlos 1ero, Donna Sofia & los Principes de Asrurias, the Spanish nation saluates the soldiers. It was an emotional moment. In the same time, it let us thinking about those international peace keepers missions around the world: Afghanistan, South of Lebanon, Somalia, Ruwanda, Burundi, Angola, R.D. Congo, and Indonesia. They are accomplishing a human mission.

jeudi, août 18, 2005


Since August 15th, 2005, the Israeli government has started its withdrawal from Gaza strip. Some qualified it as freedom, others are talking about the big prison. Whatever it is, I think that it is an emotional occasion, a historical moment. Bad or good, what Ariel Sharon did, is very courageous. The first step in "launching" the state of Palestine. Today Gaza, tomorrow the whole land.

mardi, août 09, 2005


When one of the American politicains came to tunisia accompanied with 100 american students in Februrary 2005, we talked about a lot of subjects including, politics. I tried to transmit to them our point of view. I explained that we do not hate USA, we just hate the US administration policy toward us & toward Palestine.
When Al Qaeda attacked New York City WTC in 9/11, I was not happy. We are in the weak side. But I said to them too, that Hollywood, via the films making there, it gives a large ideas to make terrorist acts, inside & outside USA. The real danger, comes from there. Many films that
I watched, or that I am watching, are a source of ideas to make terror, to kill people..

BREAKING NEWS..خـبـر عـاجـل

DianaMagaZine will not attend the fifth tunisian bloggers meetup in Kélibia. I would to thank adib & the others for invinting me. But because of a family duties, I can not attend the meeting.
I hope that you will enjoy yourselves there and please take a lot of pictures. My heart and mind will be with you.

dimanche, août 07, 2005


Robin Cook, the former UK foreign secretary who resigned from Prime Minister Tony Blair's government over the 2003 invasion of Iraq, died after he collapsed while hill-walking in his native Scotland. He was 59.
(Source: Google News)

samedi, août 06, 2005


An ATR-72 has been crashed in front of Palermo in the mediterranean sea. 39 on board: 35 italian tourists and 4 members of the crew. The plane was enroute from Bari, Italy to Djerba, Tunisia. Until this morning, Sunday August 7th, 2005, the italian officials reported the death of 13, 23 survivors and 3 missing. Sicily's prosecutor denied a terrorist act. The two engines of the plane, named " Habib Bourguiba" and bought 13 years ago, turned off. The pilote tried to fly to Punta Raisi international Airport of Palermo to make an emergency landing, but he failed. The plane was divided in 3 parts. It was the first airline catastrophe to the Tunisian aviation history since 1948.
A day of mourning was claimed in the region of Bari.
May God bless all the victims.


British Prime Minister Tony Blair, took a decision to expell any person presents an express threat to the National British security or call for hate and religious violence. He was criticised for that decision which, primerly, is anti-Human rights. I say, NO. It is legal. It is very clear that United Kingdom is paying its guest to those fanatic people who run away from their countries, UK was for them a country of a total freedom, but then, they turned off againt the country which protected them & which gave them a refuge. One of the fanatic, called to establish an islamic country in the United Kingdom.I laughed a lot. Why this man is calling to change a legal regime, in a legal country? Who are you to call or to do this? You are inside them, they protected you, they give you to eat. You have just to close your mouth! Tony Blair is taking the right decision. His country is threatned & menaced. Yes! I know! You will remind me of Iraq. I will remind you, too, about what Saddam Hussein did! He killed thousands of people during his presidency. He was a man of war. He took the power by force. I was against his policy. And it was not important to me that he would or not stay in governing. It was an Iraqi pure question.But What he did by invaded Kuwait, in August 1990, was a big mistake. His argument that Kuwait was an entity of Iraq, is not true. Because of that, historically, Tripoli, the Libyan's capital was inside Tunisian's territory, Annaba, in Algeria, was inside Tunisian territory, too. Syria will ask to add Lebanon, because it was Syrian; Yemen will ask Saudi Arabia to take Najran from the south; and even the palestinian will ask Jordan to give them their historical land, which belong to them, around the dead sea. So, as you see, this argument of Saddam, is weak. Other argument. It was said, that Kuwait used a petrol field, which is between the two countries border during the Iraqi-iranien war. I do not agree with this, because all of us, we know that Iraq is a big producer of oil. So I do not think that this is a key question to invade Kuwait, because of a small field. Others are talking that USA have a very high-technological & strategic weapon in Kuwait, when Iraq invaded it, its forces took it with them & that's why USA wanted to back that weapon & asked to destroy all Iraqi's nuclear weapon & program. I think that this is weak too. USA made pressure on Israel during the first Gulf war because it bought weapons to Iran. Te gulf countries helped Iraq, too. Unfortunally, Saddam Hussein was not a true allien or friend. He was able to do every thing in order to stay strong. He was wrong! When he bombarded Israel by Skud, it was not because he liked to free Palestine, NO..NO..NO.. he was seeking the popularity among his people and among the arab & muslim world. Just for that. To search a legacy to his barbaric act. Here, he won!
What we are living now, from dispatch, a non unity, the strong foreign presence in the gulf, the political & economic problems, all of them are the result of the 2nd Gulf war in 1990, the result of Saddam's idiot behaviour. And we are paying the bill.
Many men around the world were like him, and they faced the same result: Hitler, Mussolini, Milosovic, & a lot of others who changed the way of the history in a very bad and dangerous direction. They deserve what happened and what is happening to them.
The world has changed. The game rules changed too. We, the arab and the muslim, we are in the weak side now, because of the fucking hero Bin Laden & similar.
The Iraqi's should take advantage to rebuild their country. To open a new white page.
Why shall we accuse every time, the american or the Israeli's because of our mistakes or misunderstandings?
As a typical and radical arab citizen, if I find my car broken outside, I will say: oh my God! The american & the Israeli's did this. THIS IS WRONG. ARABS..MUSLIMS..WAKE UP.
We talked about Palestine. Yes I call for peace their. I know well that it is very difficult to do so. I do not need your thoughts about. But let us trying to solve that problem. Do not ask to expell the Israeli's from that land, because they don't have a country to go. They are not as the French ( France) or the British (UK). When they left their colonies, they went back to their countries. Here the situation is different. Do not say that Allah said in the Holy Quran that they will leave Palestine, so let us waiting that day and stopping the blood!
Allah called to peace, to negociate, to brotherhood, not to be agressif.
I LOVE the arab world from the ocean to the gulf. But I try to be realistic. Not to judge upon my feelings. The people who were killed in London, the same people, were in huge manifestations in oreder to make pressure on their leaders to solve the Iraqi's problem, to establish peace in the middle east & to end poverty and starvation in Africa. Now, we lost them, because we killed them..or we killed their friends..their children..a tunisian guy was died there too.
The blasts of Sharm-el-sheikh costed lives but also jobs due to tourism.
Problems in Algeria, Morocco, Polisario, Mauritania, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Djibouti, Comores island, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, this is the arab map. Political, economical, social & poverty dilema.
( be continued)


John Garang, a Man of Peace.
John Garang, un Homme de Paix.
جـون قـرنـق ، رحيل رجـل سـلام


After the two bloggers meetup that I attended, the 3rd & the 4th, I took a lot of decisions in order to talk more about my hobbies, my studies, my city, my region, cinema, my life style and it was clear that many people did not understand why "I blog". I believe in peace, brotherhood, tolerance, war against terrorism, friendship, truth and how to change things without violence. These are the principles in which I have a strong belief & faith. I am not going to change that, and more than this, what is happening in the world, as London attacks, sharm-el-sheikh blasts, King Fahd death, Israeli's withdrawal from Gaza strip or the Egyptian elections, oblige me to talk about these subjects, to give my point of view, which can please some people, and do not for the others.
Après les deux derniers meetup des bloggeurs tunisiens, le 3eme et le 4 eme, j'ai pris beaucoup de decisions à fin de blogger des articles concernant ma ville, ma région, mes amis, mes passe-temps, mes études ou meme du cinema! Beaucoup de personnes ne comprennent pas pourquoi "je blogge". Je crois en la paix, l'amour, l'amitié, le guerre contre le terrorisme et le fanatisme, la tolerence, la vérité et comment changer des situation sans passer par la violence. Je suis très attaché à ses principes là. Meme s'ils coutent ma vie. J'ai essayé de changer de style, mais l'actualité m'oblige. Attaques à Londres, terrorism à Charm el cheik ou mort du Roi Fahd. Meme si je n'arriverais pas à changer ou à faire arriver mon message, il me suffit la fiéreté de marquer mon point de vue.

vendredi, août 05, 2005


Pic 1: Saudi Arabian Airlines * Boeing B-747 * Malaysia
Pic 2: Air France * Airbus A 340 * Toronto * Canada


Abdullah Ibn Abdelaziz Al Saud, is becoming the 6th Saudi's monarch since 1932. Aged about 82 years, it is said that he is a very pro-arab nation's problems. Very popular in Saudi Arabia, he is very respected from the World too * LONG LIVE THE KING *
Le nouveau Roi D'Al Saoud, est agé de 82 ans. Demi-frere du Defunt le Roi Fahd, il est devenu le 6ème Roi depuis 1932, date de la réunification et de la création du royaume d'Al Saoud. Il est très pro-arabe. Populaire à l'interieur du Royaume, respectueux par la communauté international, on'a qu'a dire * VIVE LE ROI *

mercredi, août 03, 2005


تفتح السفارة السعودية سجل تقبل التعازي في وفاة المغفور له باذن الله التعالى خادم الحرمين الشريفين الملك فهد بن عبد العزيز آل سعود من يوم الثلاثاء 02 أوت 2005 إلى غاية يوم الخميس 05 أوت 2005 من الساعة 10 صباحا إلى الثانية
The Royal Embassy Of Saudi Arabia opens a condoleance copybook from Tuesday August 2end to Thursday August 5th, 2005 from 10:00 to 14:00.
L'ambassade du Royaume D'Arabie Saoudite ouvre un registre de condoleance du Mardi 2 au jeudi 5 aout 2005 du 10:00 à 14:00.


The late Custodian Of TheTwo Holy Mosques of Mecca and Medina, King Fahd Bin Abdelaziz Al Saud, has been burried Tuesday August 2nd, 2005, in presence of tens of worldwide leaders & the Saud's Royal Family. Emotion and sadness were very clear even that the funearl was too simple to a great man as Fahd.
Le Roi Fahd est entérré ce Mardi 2 aout 2005. Une dizaine des chefs d'Etat ou leurs envoyés spéciaux ont soutenu la famille royale Saoudienne. Des moments émotionnels ont marqués les obsèques trop simple d'un grand chef d'Etat disparu.
بـسـم الـاـه الـرحـمـان الـرحـيـم
يا أيتها النفس المطمئنة ارجعي إلى ربك راضية مرضية فادخلي في عبادي و ادخلي جنتي * صدق الله العظيم
الله أكبر .. الله أكبر .. الله أكبر
ببالغ الأسى و الحسرة تلقينا نبأ رحيل رجل دولة عظيم و قائد حكيم خدم شعبه و أمته باخلاص و تفان، حتى و لو راى البعض عكس ذلك. رحل الفهد و ترك خلفه ارثا و تاريخا حافلا في جنازة عادية وبسيطة، و لكن بمعان كثيرة و عميقة.
فالى جنات الخلد يا أبو فيصل باذن الله. ستبقى ذكراك في نفسي و ذكرى مسيرة البناء و التحديث التي عايشتها و عائلتي بالسعودية
إنا لله و إنا له راجعون

mardi, août 02, 2005


I am a muslim. I believe in Death & meeting God. But when we lose someone that we love and respect, it is very hard to control ourselves. early in the morning of August 1st ( 05:00 GMT), during taking our breakfast at home, I was zapping between the TV channels. STOP! Readings from the Holy Koran in all saudi's TV. Why? It is because of John Garang's death? NO! All my family stayed in front of the TV set. We have a long story with Saudi Arabia. It was the news that we don't like to hear.
We lost a very brave man. We lost a real King. I say this because I know very well His Majesty The King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Al Saoud. When my family was in Saudi Arabia for a decade, we saw closely the growth of the kingdom. We lived just 25 km from The Holy City of Mecca Al Mukaramah.Motorways, skycrapers, lights, hospitals, airports, harbours, schools, universities, mosques & stadiums. All the country was moved, and it is still now, in acting. Never will we forget you, King Fahd. Sorrow and sadness over our house since the news of the death of the Saudi's king. He gave so much to his people, to the Arab nation & the muslim world. May God Bless Him & give us the comfort.
On vient de perdre une grande personnalité, un Grand chef d'Etat, qui n'a cessé de donner à son peuple, au monde arabe, musulman et au monde entier. Le Roi Fahd, le vrai constructeur du Royaume, l'Arabie Saoudite moderne, dont moi et ma famille, nous étions témoins. Nous avons vécu à 25 km de la ville sacrée Makkah Al Moukarramah. Autoroutes, grandes immeubles, des hopitaux, des écoles, des universités, des aéroports, des ports, des ville industrieles, des mosqués et des villes sportives. Tout le Royaume était, et il est encore, sous le chemin de la modernisation. On vous oubliera jamais, Cher Roi, défunt Fahd. Au sein de ma famille, nous sommes très triste. Douleur et choc nous qualifient. Nous, qui étions proche de ces actes et décisions. Que Dieu Lui Bénisse et qu'il nous donne de la force pour surmonter la douleur.