mardi, avril 19, 2005

No more Friendship...jamais d'amitié.

I believe in friendship, even that my friends are telling me that it does not exist any more. I do not share their opinion.
I believe in friendship. I can not stay without friends, without new ones. But, we have to distinguish between close friends, friends & normal people to know. We can not say everything to anyone. I suffered from friends's problems, but I still sure of the existence of friendship. what do you think about it? If you have a story, just write to me, about friends & problems between them.
L'amitié c'est quelques chose de sacrée pour moi, meme si mes amis ne partagent pas mon point de vue. Je suis très ferme concernant ce sujet: l'amitié existe, mais nous devons faire un bon choix des amis. De meme il faut faire une différence entre les amis intimes, les amis et les connaissances. De plus, on ne peut pas dire tous à n'importe qui. J'ai beaucoup souffert des amis.
Je vous laisse la parole. Ecrivez-moi, écrivez-nous, vos histoires d'amitiés, des amis et de leurs problemes. on vous attend.

samedi, avril 09, 2005


I don't know how will I support the death of these people that I liked a lot.
Today we make tribute to Prince Rainier III of Monaco.


With big sadness & sorrow, we received the news of the death of the Holy Father, the Pope John Paul II.
Giovanni Paolo II, has entred to the history from its big door. We will never forget him.
He served in order of establishing a good humanity, peace & tolerance between the different nations & religions.
we will remember his vistis to different countries, among it Tunisia in 1996.
We, as muslims, we pray too for his soul. We loved him, we respected him. Karol, may you rest in peace.
Adieux..Pape Jean Paul II.
On vous oubliera jamais.
Addio..Papa Giovanni Paolo II.
(1920 * 2005)*(1978 * 2005)