lundi, janvier 28, 2008


Thank you very much for the last meet up Yosra. Thank you girls and boys. It was nice meeting with you after a long period. I hope that our next meet up will be planned soon. It was nice to meet new faces and to talk, to explain our point of views. BUT I believe that we are still not well organised: not well organised in choosing the place (in fact we wereabout tens of bloggers, the place was small to accomodate all of us), many people do not introduce themselves however I saw many of them for the first time, others, because they know each other from work, college or district, they formed a close group, some gave me their backs because they talked with others, so they do not even give the person the chance to talk, to get in touch and to create new friends. For the moment I felt as being expelled but the coming of some friends from the first to blog, saved me.
Anyway, I enjoyed the meet up at the same time I miss Troubadour, Tarek Chenti, Subzero, Zizoufromdejerba and infinity.