mercredi, janvier 16, 2008


One of Diana's Princess of Wales servant and body guard, revealed that Princess Diana was never in love with Dodi Al Fayed. He declared that the beloved Princess was only in love with the Pakistani Doctor Dr. Hasnat Khan. It was said by the time, that the visit that Princess Diana made to Pakistan, was only in order to open the eyes of the doctor. She met with some of his family members in secret. However, the Doctor broke up the relation because of many things and under unknown pressures.

According to the servant, Princess Diana was not thinking to marry Dodi Al Fayed. He also added that the ring found with the late Princess, was given from friend to friend. This statement was also declared by one of Diana's friend years ago when she said that Diana was not in real love with Dodi, she only liked to ennuy Prince Charles. However, it is commonly known that Diana loved very much Dr. Khan.

To conclude, does this mean that she died for nothing? if they were murdered, does this mean that she paid a bill of something she never wanted? or could she was a victim of only murdering Dodi Al Fayed? the man is a known businessman and playboy, therefore sure he had many ennemies who tried to kill him or erase him from life!

Their death is still a mistery!