mardi, janvier 29, 2008

الفلسطيني الجيّد هو الفلسطيني الميت...THE GOOD PALESTINIAN IS THE DEAD ONE

Do you which Palestinian is good? The dead Palestinian. Because only him does not present any threat to Israel. That is why we can assume that there is good Palestinian such as the Late Leader Arafat or the current President Abbas, because they accepted to negotiate with Israel and they accepted the existence of the State of Israel and bad Palestinian such as Hamas or the late leader George Habash, who refused negotiations and are claiming the totality of the land. Both of them are bad and they can only be good if they are dead!
This is not my idea, this is an opinion of some Israelis. According to them, the only good Palestinian is that who is already dead. This explains the anger and the siege of Gaza.
الفلسطيني الجيد هو الفلسطيني الميت. لأنه هو الوحيد الذي لا يشكل خطرا على دولة إسرائيل و أمنها. هذا الرأي ليس رأيي الشخصي بطبيعة الحال و لكنه رأي عدد من الاسرائيليين الذين يؤمنون بأن الوجود الفلسطيني خطر على دولتهم و ربما هذا ما يفسر حالة الحصار الذي تعيشه غزة و ردة الفعل العسكرية و القوية ضد أي تحرك للمقاومة