dimanche, janvier 20, 2008


During the celebrations of "Ashuraâ", Mister Hassan Nassarallah appeared for the first time to the public since months ago. Hassan Nasrallah, as usual, tried to put in fire the situation in Lebanon and in the region. Although he calmed down the atmosphere and tried to find a solution to the political Lebanese crisis, he escalated the tension.

Concerning the region, he escalated the tensions with Israel too. He declared that Hezbollah has bodies of dead Israeli soldiers. The Mister did not stop there, he continued his unhuman description : "we have more...we have heads, hands and legs of sionist soldiers". Even though he was in fight with an ennemy, I do not think it is human and good to describe dead people as he did: "heads, hands and legs" with a strong and proud voice.

I think that the Mister forgot the heads, hands and legs of Lebanese civilians, victims of his barberic act against Israeli soldiers on the border.