vendredi, janvier 04, 2008


I cannot deny that I have chosen my way and my vision concerning the question of Peace in the Middle East. I am with the creation of two State, Palestine and Israel. Why? because I believe that jewish had lived in that piece of earth centuries ago, and also because I know that Israelis will never leave Palestine, and as our countries (i.e., leaders and official governments) are not ready to enter into war against Tel Aviv, it is better to make peace and to accept the solution of two states.
It is also preferable to accept two states in order to put an end to an endless fight between the cousins.
Two states with one capital: Jeruslaem (Esat for Arabs, West for Isarelis), and we have a similar example: Rome, which is the capital of Italy and the capital of Holy Vatican. Moreover, some of the Palestinians and the Israelis have accepted Peace, so why I am, "X", from the country "Y", why and with which right, should I say NO for peace?or Palestinian case is not for sale?
HOWEVER, people like me, who are fighting for peace, we encounter from time to time many obstacles mainly from the Israeli side. Each time there is a small window of hope to reach an agreement, the Israelis show their sense of irresponsibility, such as killing Palestinians, reinforcing the embargo on the Palestinian Authority and especially Gaza strip, they do not fulfill their agreements, they try to make it hard travelling in and out of the Palestinian Occupied Territories and there is no flexibility with reagrd the question of the right of return of hundereds of thousands of refugees or the occupied Arabic lands such as Golan and Shebaa firms.
Israel is making our mission to defend peace, and even to defend Israel itself, harder and harder. This will not serve the case and if we will continue like that, we will never reach and agreement and Peace will be confirmed as being an illusion. This, does not exclude the responsibility of some Palestinian and Arab partners, too.