jeudi, janvier 10, 2008


Tuesday January 8th, 2008...I kept awoken until a late hour writting my speech and collecting some documents; reviewing my work and thinking of the following day.
Wednesday January 9th, 2008. A new hejir year. I waked at an early hour. I finalized my speech, I print it and I went to the cemetry to read Al Fatiha in front of my father's memorial.
I was nervous. Few hours before the discussion (la soutenance), I could hear my heart's knocks.
Arriving to the university, I met with many of my friends who came to support me despite they were in holiday.
During the discussion I was voice was laudable during the reading of my speech but my hands were trembling. Fortunately, the jury did not bother with many questions, but I was distressed.
The atmosphere was good. The jury qualified my work as being serious, acceptable and well documented.
My friends and brother enjoyed the discussion although it was in the English language.
I got 14 of 20, which is a good mark in my university.
Back to home and escorted by my friends, the evening was emotional. In fact it is the happiest event in my home since more than year (my father dies, my uncle's wife dies, my father's aunt dies, my mom's uncles die and other relatives die, my friends suffering in Lebanon and Gaza strip).
Anyway, hamdoullah, thank God and wish you all good luck in whatever project you are elaborating.