jeudi, décembre 06, 2007


Hi Mr. Antar Bin Chadded who will bring the Lion from his ***** from Canada.

It was nice reading your article "Why I hate This Blog: Diana Magazine", but before answering your question, let me thanking another one who supported me even before I took in hand my self-defence, to HYPNOTICDOCTOR (, who shows his respect and to Tunisiendoctor and to Zizou from Djerba who voted for.

Again my dear Antar/ can "tetkalem" is preventing you from talking or saying whatever you want, but each person is saving his way to respond, an appropriate way.

As I said before, and I say this again not only to my beloved Tunisians but to the world: if you want must accept the games' rules. When the West emphazized over democracy during the Palestinian Elections, people elected Hamas. When West got ennuied, President Mahmoud Abbas told them: "you wanted Democracy. It is time now to accept it."

The solution is easy my friend: if you do not like my blog or my articles, just do not click on it.

In fact your article shows an incomprehensible hate. You are dangerous on society because your heart and soul are not clean. I can deduce this from the picture that you posted along with your article. It is a synonym of "fuck you" with the word "H A T E " written on the fingers. From this I deduce that you are a man with limited vision and who unfortunately did not take advantage from his stay in Canada, close to the States, to be an open-minded man and who may render his family, friends and country proud of him!
It is shame on you.
I can blame an illitrate person, but you and many others? you went to schools and colleges and universities, you is bizarre!

Back, why do you hate my blog?which implicilty means you hate me. You want that they expell me from Tn-blogs, this means that you want to expell me, so you are capable of making genocides, discriminating people and banishing them. Oooh man! you are really dangerous!you mustn't be a leader!

So, you hate my articles because they do not fit with your principles and ideas? But that's the purpose man! We are different..each one of us has his particular personality. Imagine that all the world is thinking in the same way? or we are making the same things? will lose its taste.

Difference makes the World and it makes Humanity!

You hate Ben Ali, I love the man..where is the problem?! I saw him many times, I know people who are common friends, so my judgment on him is not like you or like any Tunisian citizen. It is based on what I see, hear and touch not on what I hear in coffee and on foreign TV Channels.
Our problem in Tunisia is not with the President..our main problem is with his circle and with the base. The man has many wonderful views about Tunisian prosperity but many of his circle and family, because of their acts, they alter his ideas and decisions into a wrong or bad way.
Loving him does not mean that I totally agree with his policies. This what Tunisians cannot understand. You can love and respect the man without being in 100% obedience.

You and many bloggers are all the time talking and shouting "freedom..freedom of speech...democracy.." what did you really make to the nation?! Are you courageous to stand in front of the Tunisian Miniter of Homeland (M. le Ministre de l'Interieur) and I criticized the governement's policy towards media and communications. I did! and I still among you..alive..healthy..wealthy..hamdoullah..but I am also proud because I said what 9.900.000 Tunisians are affraid of saying directly, however their tongues became free and long when they are sitting in corners and in pubs.

Sure you are hating me because of Lebanon too. I love that country. I have many friends who are forwarding their daily problems to me. I supported Hezbollah during its war with Israel in 2006, although this was against my convictions as man who believes in Peace..some of my Israeli friends living Northern Israel have been purcahsed and they left the region..despite all things, I supported the hezb, I sent tens of pictures and reports talking about the Israeli massacres and acts in Lebanon to many Israelis and Americans, some of them are close to governmental circles..I tried to show them what their media did not..I went out in demonstrations and went with some friends (some are tn-bloggers) to the Lebanese Embassy and I gave money. Tell me what you did during the war? I stayed in front of your TV set..watching the news with a cup of coffee in your hands!

During the problems of Lebanon and Palestine, I wrote letters, complaints and reports to many Ambassadors and decision makers. I know that my efforts did not bring something important, but I am proud to be an active, not bla..bla..bla..

All my articles are written after long readings, analysis and hearings from the different camps, so that I build my opinion on facts not just rumours.

You believe in Democracy, freedom of speech, so you have to accept the games' rules because you will always listen things that you never want to hear or read from me.

I cannot lie...sometimes I write articles to provoke readers..readers like you in show them that they are not real believers of freedom and democracy...they are even worst than the current dictaturs in our world. Could you tell me what is the difference between you and any dictature who orders to banish or expell someone because of his thoughts? I answer: NO are both the face of the same coin.

Sorry to say..but I am committed to continue my way...I love Princess Diana, I was on the edge to know her before she dies...she marked a period of my life..I believe in Peace in the Middle East and I will fight to establish it..if not, I will hand the torch to my brothers..if not, to my children and so on until Peace would be established..I believe in Democracy and freedom, not in insulting or hating people, I will fight to establish them..if you have chosen to establish them outside Tunisia or in a small community, I have chosen to establish them and to fight until getting them here in Tunisia and inside the Political party itslef!