Dear Antar, you are defending Democracy and freedom of speech. Let me remind you that these principle require people to express their feelings, opinions and thought without fear or censorship and to share governing. So, how can you believe in these Human principle, and in the same time you do not allaow our comments relating to your articles to be freely published?
I cannot understand someone who believes in Democracy and freedom of speech and in the same time he keeps to himself the right to publish or to ban the comments. Hence, I cannot trust you because you may publish the comments you want and those which please you and censor those which are against you.
With God's mercy, I never censor any comments..people are free to read, analyse, judge and comment. I only remove some comments if their writers do not respect the minimum (we shall respect the other readers among them women).
So, because I am not sure that you will publish my comment, and waiting you to do so, here my last comment to you:
" @antar: sorry to say but I owe you nothing.I am convinced of my beliefs for the moment and I do not care of you. And if I only care about your article, is only to show you that you pretend to be democratic and that you are fighting for freedom of speech and free elections, but I wanted at the same time show you how you DO NOT RESPECT these principles. Otherwise, why only you expressed such anger and hate? I know that many bloggers do not share me my opinions, but I believe, as I said before, that difference makes Humanity. We are different..we are not coming out of manufactures like robots. Sure you will hear people from your side, but you have also people against.My advice to you is NOT TO FALL in the same mistake they falled in. I hope that you understand me.
If you are criticizing me about posting articles upon Tunisia from time to time, let's make clear..Tunisia our country and we know that we made a lot of achievements and that we are holding a good position among many competitive countries. I know that there are what I called black points but this does not mean that everything in Tunisia is black, or that everything in Tunisia is white as the other side says.
You talked about TAP, no I do not prefer to join them. in fact how can I join them after criticizing the way the regim's media work?
concerning the mothers and sisters crying their sons, brothers & husbands who are in prisons, please note the following:- if you are talking about "ennahda", I was and I am and I will continue to be agaisnt them. to fight their ideas and their acts. do u see those coming out of prison? what they are wearing and their look? sorry to say but sometimes i forgot that I am in tunisia and I thought that I am in Afganistan! I am with their right to get their rights & to go back for working, but I prefer keeping them under control- if you r meaning other kinds of prisoners (politics), please note that I have many friends from the opposition and from UGETT and people who are crticizing the government daily and BELIEVE ME, they never tell me that they faced problems with authority. so I judge the situation from what I c and from my friends, not according to al-jazeera or elsewheresome of these prisoners r jailed because they did not respect the rules. once jailed they pretend to be political prisoner. could you tell me where r they now? each time we hear about a new name then he is gone. this mean that they r not real and strong politicians and defender of civil right.
Look around my freind and try to analyse before pronouncing a judgement because history does not forgive.
Concerning the circle, I am againt it too. I am agaisnt what their nephew, brothers and sisters are doing and I believe that that and only that is the only black point in the president's presidency and I hope that he listenes to all of us and to try to correct things (just for your info in some cases he interferred and he stopped them)"