samedi, décembre 01, 2007


Many were talking about the failure of Annapolis Conference before even it started. It is strange. I find it strange to judge something or someone before continuing the works, or the talks, or the negotiations. Give the participants a chance to discuss the issues and to find a way to establish the missing peace.

I know that even from Israel many were against the conference of Annapolis, but only the negative Arab side drawn my attention. All Arabs were against the conference. They draw it as a dead born baby. PLEASE..give another chance to Peace and if Annapolis failed, please give another chance and another chance until we reach a common agreement with our COUSINS, the Israelies - Jewish.

It is true that we, from both side, we will face very hard and unacceptable mutual compromises, but nothing is free or easy. The most common problem we face is only psychological. I mean the feeling you know when seeing the Isreali flag, or when an Israeli face an Arab. This what we must fight: the common hate which becomes an obstacle to establish mutual relationships and the most common threat we both face is our children's education. We must educate them to love the other, to accept him in order to build a future Peace without problems or misleading thoughts and judgments.

To end, Rome was not build in one day!