mercredi, décembre 12, 2007


Early this morning I turned on the TV set to watch the news and take my breakfast before leaving to my work..but I was frozen in front of the screen trying to join my friend Siba in Lebanon. She is from Tripoli, but during the last days she was sitting in hotel close to the Lebanese deputies. In fact I was frozen because the news coming from Beirut were, as usually, not good. A new bomb attack costs the lives of General François El Hajj, Head of Military Operations, and candidate to replace General Michel Soleimen, once the latter elected as President. At least three others died with him. General El Hajj was in his route to the Ministry of Defense. Many qualified him as a brave man, especially during the battle of Nahr El Bared camp.
In fact there is a question mark here. Why this attack comes during this critical period of time?
Sure this is a message to General Michel Soleimen and this means that there is someone who does not like Lebanon to find its stability.
Moreover, the blast comes after two speeches delivered by:
1) General Michel Aoun who told the Lebanese people that they do not have to be concerned with the stability of their country, that everything is ok, he advised them to go out, to take advantages of the Christmas festivities, Eid el edha, the new year..according to him nothing is danngerous and he relieved them not to fear the Presidency vacancy. Hours after, a bomb attack explosed in Babdaa, where the Presidential Palace is located, and people, especially abroad started cancvelling their travel to Lebanon. Another reading of General Aoun's speechs, he is telling us that the vacancy will be much longer. What I hate in the man is when he is telling such things, which are dangerous and which may harm the national security, with a smile on his face!
2) Farouq Al Sharaa, The Syrian vice-president who sent message of threat to the Lebanese majority, just hours before the blast. He said that the Lebanese opposition, mainly composed of Syria's ally, is more stronger than during the Syrian presence.
It is time that Mr. Nebih Berri, Chairman of the Parlement to open the doors of the Parlement and to elect the President, if not, I am with electing a President with 50% + 1, the Government must declare the State of Emergency and to put some politicians, especially from the opposition such as Michel Aoun and Hezbollah leaders under home-arrest.
God Save Lebanon