vendredi, décembre 21, 2007


Democracy, Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, Religious Freedom...all these terms are only slogans that many repeat on different occasions.

Take for example Tunisia. We are among few countries which ratified all International and UN Conventions concerning Human Rights and freedom, but....

Others, who are all the time criticizing the regime, are pretending to fight in order to establish these Human notions in countries such as ours. But at the same time, these people, are also making the same errors as the regimes they are criticizing.

How do you want me to support these people, who are pretending to fight for Democracy, Human Rights and Freedom, however they do not accept the opposite opinion? I think that these people must recycle their brains and opinions and to re-check what Democracy, HR and Freedom mean!

Live example (and this is not a war), the blog of He is saying all the time that he is defending the establishement of Democracy, Human Rights and Freedom in Tunisia and elsewhere, but at the same time he preventing me and some other blogs of publishing our comments and giving our opinions about his articles. Is that Democracy?! Is that Freedom of Speech?! What about our rights to express our opinions?

Democracy is like a sword with double edges. If you accept to play, you must accept the rules' games. Among these rules, be sure that not 100% of people will support you. This is the another notion of "making the difference". We are humans, not robots so I can agree with "X", and disagree with "Y". You cannot direct and manage humans' feelings and opinions. If they disagree with you, just negociate, change your arguments, try to build bridges of communication not to declare war and hate.