vendredi, décembre 28, 2007


1953 * 2007
"Thank you very much...see you soon", these were the latest words of Benazir Bhutto just hours before she dies. She was in meeting with Hameed Karazai, the Afghani President.
Benazir Bhutto has strongly condemned the religious schools in Pakistan. She said that they are giving lessons to childern to use weapons instead of giving them lessons in education. She has also condemned Al-Qaida, but also President Musharraf's policy.
Who killed Bhutto from all these persons?! Why in this time? Why her? Who will take profit?
Many answers around the woman I respect and I love.
One Tunisian blogger has asked why are we so interested in the question of Bhutto assassination. I answer him: because she believes in Democracy, she believes in Human Rights, she believes in Civil and Political Rights, she wanted to make a difference, but she was confronted to the extremists and undevelopped people.
Neverthless, we cannot forget that she was the first woman in the Islamic countries to take power at the age of only 35.
A daughter of a former President and form Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zoul Fakkar Bhutto, her father was executed afetr a military coup d'Etat by the General Zia Al Haq, her brothers were also killed because of politics, now Bhutto.
Bhutto's family is the similar of Ghandi's family in India or the Kennedy's in USA.
Yeah! we lost a great woman...this is not easy!