vendredi, juin 27, 2008


For a long time we have spoken about the danger coming from the West. However I belive that the real danger and threat are coming from the East, from us and from our next door neighboors.

I believe that Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and Iran MUST be crushed (ils doivent être écrasés).

Sometimes we need to make sacrificies if we want really to move on and to progress.

Hamas and Hezbollah become more dangerous for the resistance itself. They also become dangerous for their own countries and citizens. When Hamas won the elections, the Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas, defended Hamas. He addressed the International Community, which was unhappy with the elections results, telling them: "this is the democracy you are claiming. This is our democracy. Our citizens have chosen their next Parliament and Government. Hamas will rule and you shall respect the choice of the Palestinians." But Hamas never respected the man who stood up in front of USA and the UE at that time. They made a coup d'Etat and they divided the Palestinians into two camps and deepened the division from which suffer the Arab World since decades.

I sum up the conflict between the Arabs and the Israelis to the question of confidence and inherited hate.

We don't have confidence in each other. This is true. I remember when the Israelies concluded a Peace treaty with the Palestinians in 1993, everything was good in both countries until the assassination of Yetzhak Rabin. Instead of supporting Shimon Peres the man who was behind the negotiationas with the Palestinians and the engineer of the Peace Process, Palestinians exploded themselves downtown Tel Aviv and Jesrusalem. Isreal also did not respect some of its commitments but in the most of cases they were only reactions against Palestinians' violence. As long as confidence is absnet, as long as the problem will continue.

Another question is: the mutual inherited hate. From both parties, but especially from Arabs, we inherite our children hate. It becomes a mutual hate between Israelies and Arabs. Hate which with time becomes ambiguous and with no backgrounds because things have been changed since 1948 and 1993.

It is only a matter of: Do we want Peace or de we want to keep the conflict alive? If you want Peace, you are welcome. If you want the conflict, please leave ma and many who share me the same idea to live our lives and do not talk to us anymore about Palestine or Isreal or the conflict. It is not our business!

Hezbollah becomes also the most dangerous entity in the region. After the coup d'Etat of May 2008, Hezbollah has shown that it does not give any significance to the sovereignty of Lebanon. They said it one time in the laste nineties (1990's) when they declared that the most important for them is to expell Israelis from the south whatever the price is. They believe that sacrifies must be done, which means that they don't mind if innocent people die or if the infrastructure destroyed. So, because of personal beliefs, we authorize the killing of thousands of innocents. Because of personal beliefs and because of serving foreign interests, we authorize to put obstacles in front of the government and to take by force the country.

Al Qaeda. whether it is responsible of the 9/11 attacks or not, it must be crushed because it turns to be a threat for all of us. From Afghanistan, toady they are in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Algeria and even in Europe.

Iran. Many are supporting Iran, and also Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda, because they said "NO" to the USA. Oh! they are very courageous to say that the superpower. This makes me sick!

If today they say "no", to the USA and they stood in front of it, tomorrow they will do the same with us. Shall we wait until they threat our lives directly? Nooooo. We shall cut their hands and legs before they we realize that they become much more powerful than us, because then we will kiss USA's ass to save us from their spider's web.

Crush them before we cry blood!