samedi, novembre 17, 2007


Why to hate Ben Ali? Is the man really dictatur? Do you think that he does not provide any importance to Tunisia and Tunisians? Do you believe that he wants to stay more on the Presidency Chair?
I will tell you something. I do not care of these questions because I love the man. I like his way of governing. If there is something that I hate, is the Tunisian opposition. They do not have any clear plans, no schedules and some of them draw a black picture of Tunisia which is not correct.
I know that there is more to do in Tunisia, but we cannot hide the truth that Tunisia made important steps during his presidency.
Tunisia is ranked among the first 30 countries in the world in different fields , sometimes even in front of countries like Italy, Brazil, Greece, Portugal, and of course Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Emirates. This is not said by Tunisian officials or media, this is said according to international institutions such as Davos Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the United Nations.
6 in the morning, Ben Ali gets up to make sport in the Palace's gardens, then a coffee break with a reading of the different newspapers before starting his official day with meetings and working groups.
Sure you have TV sets and dishes. So this is an opportunity to you to watch the news of the national TV of the other Arab countries. I challenge you if you will find only one Arab leader like Ben Ali, who has someting to do daily. Daily meetings, daily speeches, daily follow up of events and projects in Tunisia and daily prospectives, thoughts, imaginations, creativity and ambition.
Many times, the man takes his car and makes a tour in the city, without official convey. I remember years ago, when I was crossing the Place of 7 November 1987, in Tunis with some friends, we crossd him driving a car in the midde of the traffic and talking to his only passenger who was with him.
Solidarity...a nice idea. It accorded to all Tunisian the right to live in appropriate conditions, to reduce poverty and to treat Tunisians equally. I was born in a large city. The school was close to my house. I walk on pavement, we have roads, electricity, water, telephone and clothes. Other Tunisians walk for more than three km to go to the school, they do not have water or electricity. I believe that they deserve to live as I live. It is an obligation on Tunisians to help each other. It is unfair that some spend hundereds of dinars in one night and others cannot eat for nights. From this spirit Ben Ali instaured solidarity.
I have one military friend, he was with his troop in a montagneous region going back on feet to their base. He told me that they encounter villages in mountain with roads, schools, dispensaries, electricity and water, telephones and even Interet. He was surprised..I was, too as was Chirac and Hilary Clinton before.
In another small village nammed "Hwidh", where there is the studio of "Dlilek Mlak", the President and his wife ordered to improve the life conditions of the citizens. Today, you cannot recognize the village: a school, a dispensary, a youth house, a public Turkey bath "hammam", roads, amelioration of the houses' fronts, a sport court and 18 houses have been build to be given for poor citizens, free of charge. All these have been equipped. The project was of tens of millions of Dinars, equippments included.
Tunisia is for all...ambition..excelency..creativity..imagination..the man knows the meaning and the importance of these words and he is trying to transfer them to Tunisians.
We are lucky that he is a fan of information and technology and he was courageous to take the power in 1987. At least he saved the country..not like many who run away.
I believe that Tunisia needs more political and democratic ameliorations, but we cannot say that the man did nothing.
The problem is not in Ben Ali, or his wife. They are very nice people. The problem is not in the pyramid's summit..the problem is in the base. The problem is within some officials and some members of the RCD party. They do not follow his recommendations and they hand in false information. We need to fight be more courageous to say no or to say this is you think that the President has a time to tell the national television, please do that and put that, or to ask municipalities to put flags or the party to ask him for 2009? All of this is done by people who are affraid of losing their chairs...their stay are from his stay.
Yes..I love the man..but he needs new faces and a new young team to manage Tunisia..Tunisia that we dream of..