mardi, novembre 20, 2007


Late British royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES ripped a drip from her arm and had to be physically restrained, according to a medical expert who tended to her at the scene of the fatal car crash. The inquest into the British Royal's death at London's High Court heard testimony from emergency specialist Dr Jean-Marc Martino, who took over her treatment from shortly after the crash to her arrival at Paris, France's Pitie-Salpetriere hospital on the night of 31 August 1997. Professor Andre Leinhart, who has investigated all aspects of Diana's death, told the inquest Diana was moving her left leg, arms and head after the fatal crash, but her right arm was stuck behind her - with medics attempting to put a drip in it. Speaking via video link from Paris, Leinhart said Martino recalled Diana "shouting and saying things in English which were comprehensible yet incoherent". He added, "She was agitated and refused treatment. He decided to inject drugs and reduce the agitation, for her to accept treatment." Leinhart claimed Martino could not carry out a full examination at the scene because he was constantly interrupted by those wanting to know what had happened, with Diana's condition deteriorating quickly once she was removed from the car. The inquest aims to establish whether the princess and friend Dodi Al Fayed were simply the victims of a tragic accident, or if they were the targets of an assassination plot headed by the British royal family - as claimed by Fayed's father, Mohamed Al Fayed. The inquest continues.