jeudi, novembre 08, 2007


I know that many of you will not accept this article. I know that others will open the file of democracy, Human and Civil Rights and freedom of expression and religion. Of course I cannot deny that we have a long and hard way to establish democracy in Tunisia. The President himself is saying that we did many, but much more is waiting for us. We only must know how the President thinks. He knows how Tunisian think. When he opened the political life for opponents parties, he was sure that his party will stay powerful. When he allowed opponents to be candidates for presidency..he was sure that he would won the elections. He only wants to teach Tunisians of facing multiple choices and of having the right to choose. It is like if we are in an elementary school and I totally agree with him. We shall learn in order not to abuse such rights or duties in the future.
When the President says that the change is a daily effort, and when he chairs the festivities of November 7th occasion, this does not mean that he only wants to make celebrations. This is unfortunately the way how the party and some supporters think and do. He does that in order to remind Tunisians that the change is a daily harder...gain the best...the ambitious...try to chnage things...have imagination and creativity...go farther and farther...this is the change he wants..we want.
Tunisia is heading African and Arab countries. This is not said by Tunisians, this is said by the International community.
Our purpose is to preserve the gains, to improve them and to add new ones.
Tunisia is for all. When Ben Ali created the Solidarity Fund, an original idea, we reduced poverty to only 3.8% of the population. It offered an opportunity for hundreds of thousands of Tunisians to have electricity, water, telephone, roads, schools and clinics. Some criticise the fund, but they forgot that the fund was created in the benefit of Tunisians brothers. They deserve what we have. I have electricity and water..I have a school was only 100 m from my house..we have the others deserve to have the same.
We have to stop to be selfish and to only watch our noses' tip.