lundi, novembre 19, 2007


A doctor has described in shocking detail the moment medics realised they had lost the battle to save DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES after her fatal 1997 car crash in France. Staff at the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital in Paris constantly carried out cardiac massage as surgeons tried to repair a ruptured blood vessel next to her heart which was causing massive internal bleeding, a London court has heard. But after repeated electric shocks and massive doses of adrenaline, doctors finally accepted they could do no more to save the British royal's life. In a statement read to the inquest into the Princess's death, anaesthetist Daniel Eyraud said, "We decided by common consent to stop heart massage as it was completely impossible to restore cardiac activity after such a long period of arrest. "From that point, the Princess was pronounced dead. I personally believe we did everything possible to save the Princess with the appropriate means." His comments come a day after the doctor who first tended to Diana following the accident deemed her injuries "not serious", claiming he had been certain she could have survived. The capital's High Court also heard on Wednesday (14Nov07) how the Princess muttered "My God" repeatedly in the immediate aftermath of the accident. The inquest aims to establish whether Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed were simply the victims of a tragic accident, or if they were the targets of an assassination plot headed by the British royal family - as claimed by Fayed's father, tycoon Mohamed Al Fayed. The hearing continues.