lundi, octobre 15, 2007


The US congress is discussing the approval of a special law to incriminate the massacre of the Armenians on the hands of the Ottamons centuries ago.

This text has been deeply criticized by Ankara and I am supporting Turkey's decision and opinion. This is not because the US Congress' law or the EU pressures. It is not either because I am supporting massacres, not at all, I am all the time against killing innocent people, against genocides and massacres, but I am against using only one eye. Why don't the world talk about the daily massacres of the Palestinians on the hands of the Israelis? or the daily killing of the Iraqis? or more, the massacres of Tunisians, Algerians and Moroccons on the hands of French troops? What about the catch of Moslims in Andalucia, Spain on the hands of Ferdinand and Isabella? What about the massacres of Sabra & Chatilla in Lebanon, or the death of more than 1000 of Lebanese during the last war of 2006 between Israel & Hezbollah? What about the huge number of killed people colonized by France, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium,Italy and Russia in Libya, Africa, Asia and latin America? Why only Turkey which should be incriminated or shall apology? What about the others? or is it only because Turkey is the most weaken party between all of these countries?

Moreover, what about the massacres made by the Iraqis against Kurds and Syrians against sunnis, in Hama?

Is it the rule that says the law of the stronger shall prevail?

We need to revise history and decisions, before judging some of us. We shall support Turkey. I know that Turkey made massacres in different corners of its impire, but we shall be realistics. If we have to incriminate Turkey because of what happened centuries ago, then we must incriminate France, UK, Italy, Germany, Israel and USA for what happended less than 50 years now and still happening in different corners of the globe.

Concerning Islam, I am not against my religion itslef, but I am against hardly interpreting it.

I have noticed that during the last years many women and girls weared the veil and men with long barbs and wearing Afghani or Saudi's clothes.

I am with the freedom of religion, but I am totally against some aspects which do not have any link to our country's traditions. I do not think that God, Allah, has described how to put the veil, how much to turn it around the head, if women shall wear black color clothes or if they do not have to talk to men. This is wrong. We know that women participated with Prophet Mohamed durin the wars against the unbelievers.

We know also that God never talked about barbs in the Holy Koran.

Moreover, if you want not to wear jeans or suits, why shall we look for Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia? Why do not we wear our Traditional Tunisian clothes such as "jebba"?

To add, many now are denying pictures. I have been surprised that some members of my family are against taking pictures. During the Eid el fitr, they refused to be photographed! When God, Allah, prohibited pictures and sculptures, it was only in a definite period of time. Because the Moslims were new to Islam and Allah was fearing that they turned to their barbaric practices.

Nowadays,we are well educated and we can differentiate between good and bad. We know that God exists. I do not think that Moslims will pray pictures or sculptures as our grand grand fathers did.

Moreover, why do not we try to turn off the sun, to explose the moon and not use fire, because some of the old, may be they still exist, of civilisations believe in sun, moon or fire as being God!

The Holy Koran is for each time, this does not mean that we have interpret it literally, but it is available for each time in a way that it remind us that some acts are not good, that God exists and that some practices are against Islam. So I do not think that taking pictures or wearing jeans and suits, or only puting a veil on half of the head, will be agaisnt Islam!