mercredi, octobre 17, 2007


The last swap of prisoniers and bodies between Hezbollah and Israel, surprised many persons among them the Lebanese government itslef.
Sure we are happy that the prisoniers have turned back home, and that the bodies will respectfully be burried, but I am against direct talks between Hezbollah and what it calls "the ennemy" dehind the State. This is against the sovereignty of Lebanon and it emphasis on the situation of a State inside a State.
It also concretizes a double message. If Hezbollah, Syria or Iran are in direct talks with Israel, this is welcomed, however if any of the others (14th March) open direct talks with Israel, they will be qualified as traitors and unbelievers.
That's why Hezbollah is disgusting me..all red lines fall in front of the party, Damascus or Tehran, and they rise again in front of the majority..