jeudi, février 28, 2008


I do not like to die. I believe in God, I believe that no body will escape death, but I am not prepared to seuch event. Not because I like to live, but because I do not like to see the suffering of my mother, my sister, my brothers, my grand parents, my family members, my friends, my beloved people and the happiness of my ennemies.

I am also asking my self: "if I die now, with which face will I face Allah?"
In fact, this morning I was with a friend and he opened the subject of nightmares and deaths, that's why I have decided to discuss this issue. during the last two years, I have attended more than 14 funerals belonging to my family or close freinds. Among those funerals I attended that of my father in June 2006, and my uncle's wife in February 2007. My family went through terrible moments of sadness and sorrow.
By saying "I do not like to die", this is not a rejection of Allah's choice, but because I cannot accept seeing the tears and suffering of my family members, however, at the same time, sometimes I like to die before my mom or my grand parents because I love them very much. I cannot find a solution, because in both cases, whether they die first or I die first, in both cases some of us will suffer.