jeudi, février 21, 2008


DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES and her boyfriend DODI AL FAYED were murdered, his father MOHAMED AL FAYED told the inquest into their deaths on Monday (18Feb08). Business mogul Al Fayed told the hearing at London's High Court that then-U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, the British ambassador to France and intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6 all participated in a conspiracy to cover-up the fact the lovers were deliberately killed. Al Fayed also claimed Diana "knew" her former husband Prince Charles and his father Prince Philip "were trying to get rid of her". The inquest aims to establish whether the princess and her boyfriend were the victims of an accident in the 1997 Paris, France car crash that took their lives, or if they were the targets of an assassination plot headed by the British royal family - as claimed by Al Fayed. During his testimony on Monday, Al Fayed maintained his belief that Diana and Dodi were murdered by British security services acting on the orders of Prince Philip, the husband of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II. Al Fayed described Prince Philip as a "Nazi" and a "racist" and also accused Prince Charles of agreeing to the assassination plot so he could marry his "crocodile wife" Camilla Parker Bowles. The owner of London's famous Harrods store went on to claim that the murder was carried out by photographer James Andanson, after being instructed to do so by security services. Andanson has since died. Al Fayed also held up a copy of the Monday edition of British newspaper The Sun, demanding Diana's former butler Paul Burrell be brought back to testify after he confessed to lying while giving evidence at the inquest under oath. Burrell - who was the princess' closest confidante - was caught on videotaped footage, obtained by The Sun, in which he admits to holding back information from the inquest's coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker, during his earlier testimonies. Lord Justice Scott Baker told the court: "This (bringing Burrell back) is something that's certainly being investigated."