mercredi, mars 11, 2009


Whedn we look into Lebanese modern history, we deduct that it is full of tensions and events. Unfortunately most of these events are bloody.

If you follow the Lebanon's news, you will notice that each day, or each week, or each month, there is a celebration somewhere in order to make tribute to a political figure or historical event.

I think that one day they will stop using the Gregorian calendar in Lebanon and they will use a new calendar for example when someone asks you: when you son has been born? you will reply: on Hariri's assassination; or a university organizes a workshop it will states: it begins on May Shedyaq' assassination attempt and ends on Gebran Tueni's assassination...etc

-22 November 1943: Independence Day (From France)
-16 July 1951: Assassination of Prime Minister Riadh El Solh
-13 April 1975: Lebanon Civil War
-June 1976: Entrance of Syrian troops to Lebanon
-16 March 1977: Assassination of Kamel Jonblatt
-14 March 1978: First Israeli invasion of Lebanon and colonisation of the south
-Starting June 6th, 1982: second Israeli invasion and besiege of Beirut
- Summer of 1982: Exit of the Palestinian guerilla outside of Lebanon and PLO's leader joined Tunis (August 10th, 1982)
- 14 September 1982: Assassination of President Bechir Gemayel
- 16 September 1982: Crimes of Sabra and Shetilla
- 18 April 1983: Blowing of the Central part of the US Embassy to Beirut
- 17 May 1983: The Agreement of May 7th, between the Lebanese State and State of Israel
- 23 October 1983: targetting the foreign forces in Lebanon namely the French and the Marines
- 20 Septemebr 1984: targetting the new US Embassy building in Eastern Beirut
- 1 June 1987: Assassination of the PM Rasheed Karameh
- 30 September 1989: Taif Agreement
- 22 November 1989: Assassination of the President Rene Maâwed
- 13 October 1990: following a joint Syriana nd Lebanese military operation, General Michel Aoun fled to the French Embassy
- 22 October 1990: Assassination of the politician figure Dany Kameel Shamoun, his wife and their two kids
- 28 August 1991: General Aoun allowed to join Paris
- December 1991: Assassination attempt of President Shafiq Adeeb Wazzan
- 25 May 2000: Israeli withdrawal from the South
- 24 January 2002: Assassination of Ellie Hbaiqa
- 1 October 2004: Assassination attempt of Marwen Hmada
- 14 February 2005: Assassination of PM Rafic Hariri and MP Bassel Flayhan
- 28 February 2005: Resignation of Omar Karameh's government (pro-Syria) following huge national demonstration after Hariri's assassination and Hariri's sister emotional speech
- 8 March 2005: hundreds of thousands gathered in Riadh El Solh square, pro-Syrians. Hassan Nasrallah screamed: "Thank you Syria Al Assad. No body can put Syria out of Lebanon"
- 14 March 2005: more than 1.5 millions gathered in the Martyrs' square against Syria and its allies
- 19 April / 19 July 2005: Interim Government chaired by PM Najeeb Miqatee
- 27 April 2005: Syrian troops leave Lebanon
- 2 June 2005: Assassination of Journalist Samir Kasir
- 21 June 2005: Assassination of Georges Hawee
- 12 July 2005: Assassination Attempt of MR and Minister Elias El Morr
- 25 September 2005: Assassination Attempt of May Chediaq
- 12 December 2005: Assassination of MP and Journalist Gebran Tueni
- July -August 2006: war between Hezbollah and Israel
- 21 November 2006: Assassination of MP and Minister Pierre Amine Gemayel
- December 2006: the opposition demonstrates and blocks downtown Beirut claiming resignation of Sinior's government
- 13 June 2007: Assassination of MP Walid Edo and his son, Khaled
- 19 September 2007: Assassination of MP Antoine Ghanem
- 12 December 2007: Assassination of François El Haj
- 25 January 2008: Assassination of Wissam Eid
- 7 May 2008: 8 March movement militia blocks the airport motorway, streets and threats 14 March leaders and TV channels
- 21 May 2008: Doha Agreement and end of tensions
- 25 May 2008: Michel Soleiman elected as President of the Republic of Lebanon