mercredi, décembre 31, 2008


I am sure that many of my relatives, friends and people I know, do not envy me the place where I am today.

Due to the current events in Gaza, I have found myself in the middle of a dangerous crossroads. From one side, I am committed to fight until the end of this world, the Peace Process between the Arabs and the Israelis, and from the other side I cannot accept the Israeli raid against Gaza, its threat to Lebanon or its occupation of Golan.

If I say that I am committed to fight for Peace, THIS DOES NOT mean that I am ready to give up our rights or land, BUT seeing the unacceptable silence of the Arab regimes and the unreasonable demands of the Arab people, I find myself obliged to be the call of reason during the storm's time.

In fact, I believe that we cannot talk about Peace with the Israelis even after Oslo talks and Oslo Treaty of 1993. Do you know why? Because until now, both parties did not reach the required hamony and the agreement to discuss the issues upon a well prepared field.

If you are building a house or a skycraper, you must give much more importance to the basis. Otherwise, you are risking that your building collapses! This is what is excatly happening in Palestine right now!

Lack of real commitment...lack of trust...lack of mutual compromises...all of these and many more, adding the growing number of extremist and fundamentalist groups in both sides, we will never reach PEACE.

Do we have alternatives? Do we have options? YES, we have! However, these options cannot be realized if the Arab people do not move massively.

Arabs, Muslims and people who sympathize with us, must make pressure upon the West. If there are any demonstrations which can really be of good help and can bring their fruits to help Palestinians, are those demonstrations which take place in western countries and cities. People over there must continue to demonstrate in front of Israeli Embassies, in front of Paliaments, Palaces, Public Places, daily, day and night because such continuing demonstrations and calls and threat and strikes will push western countries to talke steps in order to move forward, not to end, but at least to reduce the Israeli raids and its effects.

In the Arab world, the same, but do not expect too much from the official regimes!

Where am I in the middle of all of this? This is an endless question. From one side, as I said, I do not like to give up and I do not like to pronounce the death of the Peace Process, from the other side, I do not even know whether my friends in Gaza, people with whom I have been lived and I have been growon, people with whom I slept, played and ate, I do not know whether they are alive or among the deads!

It is not easy to me to become a part of this outrageous and unacceptable battle...

...sorry...I cannot continue...sometimes silence is much more better than any word!