samedi, septembre 22, 2007


Oh dear killer. Why are you spreading hate, terror and blood on your right and left? Why are you threatning innocent people of living in peace, tolerance and brotherhood? Why you are killing people who are seeking independence and freedom? Dear killer, you become a terrible shadow flying over our heads. We calculate each inch before moving or saying a word. But do you think that you will stop our committment and battle? NO! you are wrong. By killing MPs and innocent citizens you only empower us of a great energy to continue the fight. Do you know why? Because we are stronger than you. At least we are not hidden like you. Show yourself if you can. Be a man! Be honest! It is our right to ask why you are cibling people of our group, March 14th? Why only anti-syrian are threatned? I know the typical arabic message: this is done by Israelis and Americans, like if we, the arabs we are angels and Syria has clean hands. The Syrians and Iranians are our friends and brothers. What's pity! I do not like to have brothers and friends who are acting like my cousins: the Israelis!
Dear Killer,
Why do not you back off of us and go, visit the other group, visit March 8th. They have terrible leaders like Hassan Nasrallah and Michel Aoun. They deserve to be visited by you. One is hypocrit and the other is mad of presidency!
Dear Killer,
Please note that we will elect the President that we like. It is our right. We still the majority of the House. We will attend the Parliament Session of Tuesday 25. You won't stop us. You and your men in Damascus and Tehran, must know that we are independent, free and strong. We do not fear your barbaric acts.
We will continue the fight as we used to be since the civil war.
Please note: we do not have ennemies. We just want to live in a proper way!