dimanche, septembre 30, 2007


Finally I was among the Tunisian bloggers after a long absence. I arrived to "Maison d'Arts Ben Abdallah" at 11:45 pm and I left at 1:45 am. I reached my home at 3:00 in the morning. Receiving a warm welcome and seeing the nice and smily faces, was very conforting to me to forget the distress of my dissertation (mémoire).
I was very happy to meet with Karim, Tunisien Doctor, Citizen, Mariouma, Yosra, Tarek, DJ Louka, Wawa, Kissa online, Mos3ab Ben Rhouma, and many more (the list is long).
I have liked the atmosphere and the location. It is something different of standard pubs. The location is well chosen, even though I spent a lot of time searching and asking people inside Medina. I believe that it will be great if we chose locations like Maison d'Arts Ban Abdallah to organise our meets up in the future. Howevber, I prefer if it would be more organised. I think that in the next time we shall make a committee to receive the coming bloggers and to introduce each coming one to the group, because when I came I was ashamed, therefore I did not enter into contact with many bloggers. Next time we need to dissolve the Ice :)
The report broadcasted by Kissa online over two women from Sejnene and their story with argile & porcelaine was very interesting and I think that in the future it will be great if we show works and performances of Tunisian bloggers.
Thank you very much all for the nice meeting and I hope to see you soon.