mercredi, septembre 05, 2007


Late royal PRINCESS DIANA wants her youngest son HARRY to take charge of the United Kingdom monarchy ahead of his older brother - because he'd make a better king. The shocking revelation came from a seance celebrity psychic Kenny Kingston held in his Hollywood home on the 10th anniversary of Diana's death (31Aug07). Kingston, who has been psychic to Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Hollywood `royal' Marilyn Monroe, insists Diana contacted him from the spirit world and explained why her youngest son would make a great king. He says, "She shockingly said that, as much as she truly loves both of her boys, she feels that in the long run Harry would be more suited to become the next monarch, rather than William. "She feels Harry is more military minded. She thinks William is a bit more of a playboy and less serious about the monarchy than his younger brother." Kingston, who revealed Diana should take care on car journeys between July and November, months before she lost her life, also claims the tragic royal is troubled by the fact that her sons never speak publicly about feeling the presence of their late mother. The psychic says, "She continues to visit the boys in spirit and hopes that one day they'll admit to the public that they indeed feel a presence during those visits."

I do not believe this!