mardi, avril 01, 2008

DianaMagaZine SHUTS DOWN...

After three years of blogging, I have decided to shut down this blog forever. It was nice to know many people, to get many friends but also I have faced many ennemies and difficulties. It is time to withdraw, not because I am weak, but because I have noticed that it is very hard to make a difference and very hard to make a change. I wish you goodluck for you all. I hope that you continue blogging for the benefit of our country Tunisia and in order to improve our Arab World, to spread tolerance, brotherhood and Peace worldwide.
To those who share me my ideas and thoughts, I say: Thank you very much for supporting me, thank you very much for your comments and I hope that you will continue taking the torch, never give up and try to move en masse.
To those who do not share me my ideas and thoughts, I say: Try to understand the main ideas of the writer, do not stick to the words and expressions literally, try to avoid feelings when treating tricky subjects and topics, try each time to make the balance between advantages and disadvantages of any topic to realize if you are with or agaisnt.
Finally, LOVE is something wonderful, but also FORGIVENESS is much more better.
Bye :'(