mardi, avril 29, 2008


President Sarkozy in Tunis for the second time. Accompanied by his beautiful wife Carla Bruni Sarkozy, he started an official visit of three days. President Ben Ali looked very satisfied by this visit while the Tunisian First Lady is the most remarkable absent "grieving her mother's death". I know, it is not so easy to accept the death of someone very close suchas a parent. Two years ago since my father died and I cannot forget him either.

President Srakozy is also in business travel. Tunisia is signing contract with 2 billions of Euros and a Memorandum Of Understanding to build a civil nuclear centre. Tunisair, the national ailine carrier, will purchase between 10 to 15 Airbus A320 and A350.

I believe that Prseident Sarkozy has been converted into a "moving portfolio".

Questions of Human Rights? President Sarkozy, or Mr. "casse toi, pauvre con", has said, while his aircarft landed in Tunis, that he is not there in order to give lessons of democracy and human rights. He added that he believed in President Ben Ali and he has confidence in him. Money, projects, investments, incomes, prosperity, peace and safety are more important than Democracy, Freedom of Speech or Human Rights. If you do not like this, then "casse toi, pauvre con".