lundi, avril 14, 2008


April 13th, 1975, it was the first day of the Civil War in Lebanon.
April 14th, 1975, it was the second day of the Civil War in Lebanon.
April is alos known as the month of lying or "April's Fool" on the first day of the month. However, it seems that the only place which is full of fools and true events at the same time is Lebanon. The country has a long story to tell with the month of April.
From the civil war, until the massacre of Qana, until the understanding of April which ends Israeli's violence in the south, until the withdrawal of the Syrian troops. Many events, bad and goods, were gathered together in the same month.
These days, many Lebanese are celebrating the 33rd anniversary of the Civil War. A day and a period to remember, but what is the most important is to get the final result and conclusion: No more more hates...more and more of unity. The Lebanese seem to be more realistic toward to current affairs, but this does not mean that the war's ghost is not knocking on the door. The only possiblity is not to open that door.
Lebanese street is in fact divided between yes and no to a second civil war, but I think that the Lebanese must watch over and over again the different documentaries and programmes filmed during or about the civil war in order to remember how life was difficult, to remember the innocent people who died, to remember that the only loosers are the Lebanses themselves, not Israelies, not Americans, not Palestinians, not Saudis, not Jordanians, not Syrians, nor Tunisians or French. Lebanon was the biggest looser and he could be again. Let's keep united against the ghost of the second civil war...yes to negotiations...yes to elect a new president...and no to hate or killing. ENOUGH.