samedi, avril 12, 2008


-"Good Morning Sir";
-"Good Morning DianaMagazine. As you know the delivery of the Aircraft will be occured next Wednesday. You will travel to Toulouse France to assist the delivery at Airbus facilities."
-"Ok. Great"
In Toulouse everything went smooth until a call:
-"Hello DianaMgzine" (voice of my CEO assistant) You will find your e-tickets with the Hotel's receptio to fly from Barcelone, Spain to Tehran Iran to conclude a transaction."
-"What?". "Tehran?", "Iran?". Do you mean that I have to fly across the whole Mediterranean Sea and the Middle Eeast and Iraq until I reach Tehran? with all the trouble I may face?!!
I could not sleep. Flying from Spain to Tehran means more than 8 hours of flying, crossing the Med. sea and a region already full of troubles without mentionning my troubles and point of views towards Iran and its allies. I was thinking and thinking and thinking over and over again of the flight and the arrival to Tehran, until my Alarm clock rang. Fortunately, the whole story was only a dream in its first part of Toulouse and a nightmare in its second part of Tehran.