jeudi, mars 27, 2008


48 hours separate us from the opening session of the Arab League Summit in Damascus. With the withdrwal of Lebanon for the first time since the creation of the League and the non attendance of some of the most important Leaders, ministers and politicians, the Summit will be classified with the previous ones. The same statements, the same speeches, the same problems, new tensions, just dates and years are different

Despite all what our Arab World is facing and knowing, I am very proud of being an Arab because:

1) I am proud because Somalia is divided into three countries and it suffers from poverty, starvation and wars, however many Arabs forget that Somalia is an Arabic country and that no body is looking for it;

2) I am proud because Comores Islands are facing civil war and no body is looking for stoping it and to help the islands to improve their economy and the life level of their citizens;

3) I am proud because Mauritania is a poor country, it knows tensions on its borders with Senegal and other subsaharian countries which means that in any time a war may be launched, because starvation is knocking on its doors;

4) I am proud because Yemen is a poor country, full of problems and terrorists, you find guns like if you are looking for a bread;

5) I am proud because of what is happening in Iraq. Daily massacres with no reasons. At least 600.000 Iraqies died since 2003 agaisnt only less than 4000 US Soldiers which means 150 Iraqies for 1 US Soldiers. Is that resistance? they are killing each other. Do you know why? beacuse there was no freedom of expression during the reign of your friend Saddam Hussein. Now, innocent people are paying the bill;

6) I am proud because of what is happening in Palestine. NO COMMENT!

7) I am proud because we will live the first moment of the second Lebanese Civil War within the Arab silence;

8) I am proud because the Union of the Arabic Maghreb will never seen the sun due to the problem of the West Sahara, tensions between Algeria and Morocco. The only union is that of terrorists from the region;

9) I am proud because of poverty and terrorism in North Africa;

10) I am proud because Egyptian cannot find bread to eat and you must stay in line for hours to get someting to eat;

11) I am proud because in the next few years you will find diffilcuties to find a drop of water in the Middle East;

12) I am proud because of what is happening in Soudan;

13) I am proud because the majority of Arabs do not know that Somalia, Djibouti and Comores are part of the Arab World and they are among the poorets countries in the World. Joint to the list Mauritania, Yemen and Soudan;

14) I am proud because we are still thinking in the way that Kuwait is part of Iraq, Lebanon is part of Syria...etc, however the world is moving on towards the moon and the stars;

15) I am proud because we want freedom of speech and democracy, because we only want to insult people and looking for their private lives;

16) Ia m proud because we never respect the rules of driving;

17) I am proud because and because and because....

The list is too long and complicated in a matter that really I am borred.

(By the way, I know what does it mean "PROUD", I hope that the message reached your brains)