vendredi, mars 07, 2008


The former butler of DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES, has refused to return to the U.K. to explain why he apparently lied while giving evidence under oath at the inquest into the British royal's death. Paul Burrell - who was allegedly the Princess' closest confidante - was caught out on videotape footage obtained by British tabloid The Sun last month (Feb08), in which he confesses to lying and holding back information from the inquest's coroner, Lord Justice Scott Baker, during his testimonies at London's High Court. He said: "I was very naughty... I know you shouldn't play with justice and I know it's illegal and I realise how serious it is..." Lord Baker has since issued an order for Burrell to reappear in court - but the coroner is unable to summon the ex-butler back from the U.S., where he is currently in hiding, to answer his questions. However, Burrell has written to Lord Baker claiming he did tell the truth in his testimony - and was lying in the video in his desperate bid to impress his friend Paul Khullar while they were in New York. And he blamed his behaviour on the amount of alcohol he had had that night, when he downed whiskey, wine, champagne and cocktails. In the letter, which was read out to the High Court on Thursday (06Mar08), he says: "I was just trying to impress him. At no time did I mislead the inquest." But Lord Baker is outraged by Burrell's refusal to return and answer his questions in person: "The purpose was for him to explain the alleged inconsistencies between what he said in evidence and what he said on the occasion referred to in The Sun." If Burrell does return to his native Britain, he could face a police inquiry for perjury - a crime which carries a 10-year jail sentence if he is found guilty.