lundi, mai 21, 2007


The summer of 2007 outbreaks very hot on Lebanon. Sunday May 20th, 2007 was a big day in Tripoli, the largest second city of Lebanon after Beirut, the capital. Northern Lebanon is the region where my family came from. Tripoli itself is where my freind Siba is living. Following the news from the morning I have tried to reach her. The clashes between the Lebanese army and the terrorist group of "fath al islam" were just one block to her house (she is neighbour to the chief of Lebanon national security). She told me that they were under siege. As to her sister, married, she is living in the street where clashes between the army and the terrorist group. She told me that they were living in an extreme terror that they did not know even during the last war with Isarel.
Cross fingers for Lebanon adn may God bless the martyrs from the Lebanese army.
What is strange is the reaction of the Lebanese opposition. They condemned the terrorist acts only in the afternoon. This let us putting big question marks????!