jeudi, mai 31, 2007


UN Security Council decided to implement Hariri International Tribunal. Two years ago since the assassination of PM Hariri, Lebanon has entered into serial assassinations, wars and conflicts. Syria, heads the opponents to the establishment of the tribunal. I believe that if Syria and Lebanese high ranked officials are involved in Hariri's assassination, such order to execute him, or any follow up could not done without prior knowledge, if not, the consent of Syrian and Lebanese Presidents. If this is true, it would very dangerous in the relations between countries. I do not believe that Israel is behind the assassination. I know that Israel represents to the Arab Troy Horse. Every thing happen to us, Israel is behind! I believe that Israel & USA are trying to use the assassination to serve their interests, but they are not the killers, and this is different. It is time to settle justice for Lebanon. I am happy, very happy but I am affraid of the dark future of Lebanon.