jeudi, mai 24, 2007


I am keeping up with news coming from northern Lebanon. I am very concerned with what is going there and I am very worried of another civil war outbreak. I totally agree with the Lebanese army and the government to clear up totally, at once and for ever the terrorist group of "fath al islam" (no link to Islam at all). I know that the situation of Nahr Al Barred refugees camp, but I am affraid of having terrorist gunmen to flee with the Palestinian innocent refugees. This story must have an end and the Lebanese army must clear up the camp of any terrorist group or militia which may put the Lebanese national security into danger. The Lebanese army must also verify the identity of the refugees who are leaving the camp in order not to allow the terrorsit to go out from Nahr Al Barred among the refugees.
To the opposition leaders I say, try to help your country, try to help your people, try to be logic, not to throw the whole responsibility on the shoulders of the government. I know that one of the Arabs characteristics is to throw the responsibilty on the shoulders of somebody else, to displace our problems to somebody else, but now it is time to review our policies. Wake up!