mercredi, mai 16, 2007


France farwells today its former president Jacques Chirac. A man that the Arab world will remember very well. I cannot forget the warm greetings given to Chirac by the Tunisian people in Avenue Habib Bourguiba, when he visited Tunisia, his angry of the Israeli soldiers when they did not allow Palestinians in Jerusalem to shake hands with Chirac. He shouted in the Israeli soldiers and body guards in English asking whether they want him to go back to the airport and to fly back home, no body will forget his crucial oppostion to the war on Iraq, his stand aside the Lebanese and specially Al Hariri family, his participation in Habib Bourguiba funeral and the official farwell that he allocated to the late Leader Yasser Arafat body.

I believe that he was a great man although that many of the French people deny that, but I disagree with them. I adore Chirac.

Today is an emotional day, as it was yesterday when he addressed the French people for the last time. emotion characterise Elysée Palce.

Good bye MR & MRS CHIRAC, with our Love