lundi, mai 28, 2007


Hezbollah and its Mister Hassan Nasrallah, are all the time qualifying Siniora government and the movement of March 14, as traitors. Some officers of Hezbollah are even saying that some members of 14 March's movement cooperated with Israel during the war in summer 2006. In his last TV show, the Mister qualified those who cooperated or continues to coopertae with Isarel, and those who believe in Peace and tolerance, are betraying the nation. Anyway, I think that with the last events since December, the Mister has forgotten some details in connection to his party. He forgot that in the late 90's of the last century, when exchaning some captured military man from the party & Israel under German supervision, the party has asked to enter into a direct dialogue with Israelis, so why no body qualified hezbollah as betrayer at that time? Moreover, hezbollah received an amount of 20 million USD, 13 million had been transferred to hezbollah's account and 7 million USD evaporated. Could you ask hezbollah where is the 7 million amount? in which account? haven't the Mister said that he has no piastre in any account in the contrary of many other leaders? I am not sure, the Mister is not an angel or a prophet, he is a human being!