lundi, avril 06, 2009


Nine years ago since the disappearance of the father of the Tunisian Nation, the Leader, the Zaiim, the Supreme Combattant, the President and the colleague: Habib Bourguiba.

I cannot forget the moment I heard the news of his death. Sad, I could not keep my tears. I even boycotted my studies during three days of mourning starting from his death and ended at his funeral.

When his coffin was
brought to the former RCD headquarter in Al Kasbah, Tunis, I went for a last look of Habib Bourguiba and to make tribute to the man who served the Nation.

Habib Bourguiba spent 20 years fighting the French in order to obtain the Tunisian independence, 10 years in French prisons before he led Tunisia for 30 years.
He left Carthage Presidential Palace with no penny at banks, to the contrary of many Arab leaders. He even was among the few Arab and African leaders to live between their families and within their countries until they die.

I remember that back to the university and to studies, following his death and funeral, one of my professors opened a discussion about the Supreme Combattant. Many of you know her: Mrs. Noora Borsali.

The group was divided in its opinions and comments. I respect diversity and difference but I cannot accept minimizing national figures or events.

During the discussion, I did not accept what I heard from one of the students who did not respect the memory of the person who served the National cause and who brought Independence and dignity to Tunisians. I faced him with strong words and tears in my eyes: I can accept anything, anything, but I will never forgive to anyone
the fact of minimizing the legacy and the heritage of Ezzaiim Bourguiba!

We all make mistakes, but we cannot deny the vision and the rights decisions taken by Bourguiba with regard to many topics such as: Woman Emancipation, Education and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Such person is IRREPLACEABLE!

May God Bless You, Leader Habib Bourguiba