jeudi, septembre 18, 2008


Tzipi Livni, Israel's Foreign Minister, has won Kadima's vote against Shaul Mofaz. She is the new leader of the party and she is succeeding Ehud Olmert, Israel's Prime Minister who is going to present his resignation from his office because of corruption allegations, to the Israeli President Shimon Perez within 48 hours, then Tzipi will be asked to form her cabinet within a period of maximum 42 days, if not, the Kenestt will be dissolved and new elections will be held.

Tzipi Livni would be the first female to lead Israel after Golda Meir, three decades ago.

In fact, I have one obsaervation: why each time when an Israeli person, such as the PM Olmert, makes what they call in Israel "concessions" or "compromises", even though we are not satisfied from our side, he or she, faces problems of corruptions and scandals? it seems like if a group of pressure is working against any one who moves on with Arabs.