mercredi, avril 18, 2007


For many, Friday the 13th is an awful day..I do not believe in that but I was waiting for the most known Friday 13 ("Vendredi 13") to see what it could happened. Any way, for me all the year 2006 and the begining of 2007 is a Friday 13, or as Queen Elizabeth qualified the year 1992 "an annus horribils". In 2006 I lost my father, in 2007 I lost my uncle's wife, and now my father's uncle wife is in coma, so Friday 13 is following me and my family daily. But this Friday 13 was not special ..I was sick, I took a vacation from my work, I met with my friends and my supervisor who came from England for lunch in Gammart. I spent a good day. But Friday 13 was too bad for others.
On Monday morning 15, I received an sms from one friend telling me to keep it seceret! To keep what? going to the university I found him there:
- what are you doing here? who is in work so? I asked.
He smiled and he told me that he and another friend have been fired from the office. I still under shock because they are good boys and I spent with them happy days..