dimanche, avril 08, 2007


Last Friday April 6, 2007, Tunisia has celebrated seven years of Leader Habib Bourguiba's death. It was on April 6, 2000 when the Tunisian TV and radio stations postponed their programs in the morning and brodcasted the holy coran and sad classical music. I cannot forget how much I cried. The following day I went to the previous head quarter of the Constitutional Democratic Raly (RCD) in La Qasba to pay the last respect to the Leader's coffin. After two days of his death, Tunisia was in appointment with his funeral in Monastir. Emotion and tears. I was disappointed of not brodcasting his funeral on TV and I was disaponted of the absence of many head of states. I consider him as being burried in a shadow. He deserved better! Yes I am a Bourguibist. I believe in many of his ideas. May his soul rest in peace.