samedi, avril 28, 2007


All the time when there are some islamists or terrorists detainees in prisons or in front of judges when hearing the verdicts, in the Arab and Muslims world, they claim "death to Israel". What is ridiculous is that they bombed or killed their own citizens in Amman, Jordans, in Casablanca, Morocco, or innocent people like tourists in Djerba, Tunisia, or Cairo, Egypt. I remember that in the 90's, a terrorist man fired a touristic bus because he thought that it was transporting Israeli tourists, the bus was transporting Greek tourists but the terrorist man did not know the difference between the Israeli flag and the Greek flag. He just noticed the white and blue colours. What a shame!

I say to all those who claim death to Israel, back off and fuck off. If you claim death to Israel, try to go there and explose yourself in the streets of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and not in the streets of Casa, Amman or Sana'a.
I believe in Peace and I will continue in my way until the last minute in my life. Yes I am with dividing Palestine into two countries because I am a reasonable man. I know that many Israelis will not accept to give up to their country Israel! We have to accept a reality and to know what do we want. Do we want to establish peace and to end a 60 year of conflict with our cousins or do we want to continue the conflict until the resuraction?!
The idea supported by Gamel Abdel Nasser, to through the Israelis into sea, has proved throughout history, that it was a wrong idea. The Egyptian themeselves was on the edge to be throuwn into sea by the Israelis. It is time to think about the future and to teach our brothers and children to respect the other and to stop decades of hate.
I believe that some people like President Bush and PM Olmert are making hard our way to peace, but we cannot hide the truth that many people in our Arab and Muslim world are trying to put obstacles in front of peace.