mercredi, avril 18, 2007


Many people talk about Isreali government's rejection of the Arab plan to establish peace in the Middle East..I do not like to join them..I am convinced that we shall let the doors open..not to close negotiate and especially to be patient..when Shimon Peres talked about negotiations with Arabs, many said that Israel is not wanting peace..I totally agree with the man. We cannot settle 60 years of conflict with just signing a piece of paper. We need to seat start negotiations and to conclude an agreement..personally, I am ready to go to the Knestt said the late Egyptian Prtesident Anwar Assadet. This is not a treason or betrayal, this is be reasonable and to follow what it is called the politics of stages as the late Bourguiba taught us. Watching the documentary "Time of Bourguiba" on Alrabiya (every Monday 2300 Tunis, 2100 GMT), I touched how clever our leader was in front of Jamel Abdel Nassr with regard the Palestinian case. Year after the 50' & 60', even the Palestinian leaders such as Yasser Arfat, recognized what Bourguiba said. Today, I do not like to put myself at the same level as Bourguiba, but I am convinced with my beliefs and point of view in connection to different isssues such as Iraq, Saddam Hussein, USA, terrorism, Peace in the Middle East or Lebanon. In many cases, history rewarded Bourguiba, a lot of events since 1990 rewarded me..never will I give up whatever the others may say.