jeudi, février 08, 2007


Finally the UN Security Council has adopted the project of establishing the International Tribunal which will judge the responsibles over killing the former Lebanese PM Rafic Hariri killed two years ago downtown Beirut (on Feb 14, 2005).
Many people are wanting the tribunal in order to punish the responsibles over the different assassinations (Hariri, Flayhan, Hawee, Tueni, Gemayel,...).
Many dislike the news such as Syria and its allies. Anyway, if many people are saying "NO. Isarel is behind the killings", so ok. Let's the investigation and the tribunal work reaching the real killer which may be Israel. Why we try all the time to make the others responsible on what happen to us? Any one can really see that Syria is not accepting such tribunal. WHY? Any one can really see that Syria is behind what is happening in Lebanon right now.
During the war against Isarel, Hezbollah and its allies qualified Siniora's government as "government of national resistance", so why they are qualifying it now as "traitor"?
Is not Hezbollah the real traitor with getting more than $ 500,000,000 from foreigners?
Syria is wanting to reverse the government and the majority in order to assure the election of new president ally to Syria and to get Syria back of investigation over the killings!