samedi, février 03, 2007


Good governance..this what we miss in our region. We hate Israel..but the country that we hate (I do not personally hate it) you can follow the invaestigation of the PM or the ministers & even the empeachment of the president himself..try to make that in our region and you'll see!
In the USA you can blame the president, you can call him "son of bitch" body will ask you or we'll ennuy you..try this in our region and you'll see!
An Amercian told a chinese: "I can stand in front of the White House and call the US President "you are a son of bitch", "we have a freedom of speech"!, the Chinses replied: "we too, we have a freedom of speechj in China", the American looked at him and ironically ask: "HOW??!", the Chinese clarified: " I can stand in front of the Chinese presidential palace and call the US President "You are a son of bitch" !!!!
Transparancy, democracy, freedom of speech, some values that we are missing but after the 9/11 things have been changed in the West!
I was watching a Lebanese TV channel interviewing Mr. Abdelhalim Kaddem, the former Syrian Vice President. He was talking about the good governance. In Syria, as well as in many countries of our region, the president and his family are the center. Everything turn around them and everything is inspired from them!
In Syria, the president is more than a center, the Prime Minister is errased as well as the Parliament.
In fact, in our region we miss the role of the institutions and we personnifies the State as: Syria's Assad, or Iraq's Saddam!