mercredi, juillet 11, 2007


French President Nicolas Sarkozy, arrived to Tunisia yesterday July 10th, 2007 for two days after a short visit to Algiers.

This is his first visit outside Europe since he was elected as President. It is said that this visit is to promote economical relationship between France and the Maghreb. No political or Human Rights talks..just Euros and Gas. But aslo Sarko will try to market his project of the Mediterranean Union. A project which is strongly supported by President Ben Ali and I. Many other countries such as Algeria and Morocco still studying the project after judging Barcelona Process as not effecient enough!

But may be many of those who are talking about the "Mediterranean Union", they forget an important detail: Israel. Israel is on the Mediterranean and it is concerned by this project. Would it be just accepted, and this project will see the light? or would it be an obstacle as many other Mediterranean countries such as Algeria, Libya, Syria and Lebanon, will never accept its participation? Would France and Mediterranean European countries, accept to keep away Israel? or will they defend it?

Personlly, I do not care. I am with the Union in order to promote our lives' level with or without Israel, however, I think that this union will be an occasion to re-start the Peace Process.